FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Twitter Stream  -  Jun 07, 2013

You will now have to edit in your screenname to the MyTwitterScreenName alias, due to Twitters removal of all rss, atom and xml pages.
Api 1.1 only supports json, which has no title.
The maximum refresh rate can no longer be lower than 60 seconds, as api 1.1 has a hard limit of 60 requests per method, per hour.
Thanks @ for the reminders.

RicJames  -  Jun 12, 2013

Not working for me I keep getting " MIRCTWITTER Unknown command " Error.

FordLawnmower  -  Jun 12, 2013

@RicJames The mIRCTwitter alias is local because it is only called by the script, however, you may try removing the -l from the alias.
Change line 35 from :

alias -l mIRCTwitter mTwitterGetStatus echo -a $consumer_key $consumer_secret $oauth_token $oauth_token_secret


alias mIRCTwitter mTwitterGetStatus echo -a $consumer_key $consumer_secret $oauth_token $oauth_token_secret
RicJames  -  Jun 13, 2013

The error in the status window has stopped but the script still refuses to work :/

RicJames  -  Jun 14, 2013

I have tried running this in 3 different clients including two that have nothing else loaded, and two different networks, but for some reason no matter what I do I can't get it to work :/

FordLawnmower  -  Jun 14, 2013

@RicJames You need to review your application settings and make sure you set them to "client" and "read write"
You also need to check your key, secret, token and token secret to make sure you have put them in the right place.
If you are still having trouble , come to #Script-Help and I will test your tokens for you to make sure you have your twitter application set up right.

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