PackardBell commented on a Page, Now playing Radio Station (shoutcast based)  -  Jun 05, 2013

i get this error : * /sockwrite: 'nowplaying' not connected (line 7374, remote.ini)

n=7373 on *:SOCKOPEN:nowplaying:{
n=7374 sockwrite -n $sockname GET %np_sock_GET

somebody can help me? Thx

eqrunner  -  Jun 10, 2013

First off. I would recommend putting this script in a separate script file. (Script Editor/ Remote Tab/ File- New- Script/ File - Save As- nowplaying.ini)
This way it will remove any chances of another script interfering.

Second. If you copy/pasted it and tested it. Then it would of failed, as the test server I had in the script had recently become outdated. I just now (Jun 06 2013) have updated the script with the updated server.
set %np_ip

Try copy/pasting again. And let me know if it still fails.

DragonHeart  -  Apr 19, 2015

This is meant to be run from a BOT correct? I need the last10 songs played... Anyway just to isolate that?

eqrunner  -  Apr 26, 2015

Yes. It is ment to run on mIRC. You can use the command !justplayed 10 to show the last 10 songs played.

DragonHeart  -  Apr 27, 2015

Thanks eqrunner... works great except I cant get more than 5 songs to display even though I am op'd in channel. But can live with that :)

eqrunner  -  May 20, 2015

If still not working try adding a ishop into line 62:

if (%np_nick isop %np_chan) || (%np_nick ishop %np_chan) ||(%np_nick isowner %np_chan) {

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