PackardBell commented on a Page, Weather Script w/5-day Forecast  -  Jun 01, 2013

i copied the script from your pastebin
but i get this

[01/06/13|17:37:12] <+testing> !weather Deinze
[01/06/13|17:37:15] <@Found> Weather for 04D04rongen, 04D04rongen, 04O04OST 04V04LAANDEREN (PWS) 04T04emperature: 12.3ºC 54°F 04H04umidity: 78% 04D04ew 04P04oint: 9ºC 48°F 04W04ind: 8.2km/h 04P04ressure: 1022hPa 04H04eat 04I04ndex: 04V04isibility: 10.0kilometers 04C04louds: 04F04ew.
[01/06/13|17:37:22] <@Found> Nothing Found... :(

1: it shows the forecast at this moment : not the 5-day forecast
2: !forecast and !weather give same results?
3: After a couple of triggers, it automaticly says "Nothing Found... :(" -> but it has found something!

Thx for helping

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