MoshMage   -  May 19, 2013

Wasn't there a Forum of some kind? IT would help me a bunch now.
I coded a framework, or at least I think it's a framework, and i'd like to know if it's in a MCV context because.. I really don't know. And here's the reason:
The thing (lets call it FW) loads every "module" that's inside modules/ folder and each module/module_name/ has a template/ folder inside where it has a butload of design/HTML related files (with a few echos here and there). The main folder (where the main index.php lies) has a template/ folder also where it has styles and website layout (as well as echoing the modules content). I could copy-paste the whole file structure but i'm not sure how it would present itself as I've never used this "Star Thread" thingy.

Anyhow, from my description: does it sound like a MCV Framework?

Sorasyn  -  May 19, 2013

MVC you mean? Model View Controller? Whether or not you believe it to be of MVC design is up to you.

If you have the front page directly accessing and interacting with databases, then no it's probably not. However if you have a spacer between the two, the controller, sending and receiving data between the two, then yes you've implemented it correctly.

MoshMage  -  May 21, 2013

Yes, Sunny, MVC. Sorry 'bout that.

And I have 2 spacers between the FrontPage design and Database. Here's how: index.php loads modules/ and modules populate $view-> and then comes back to index.php which glues $view-> together with the template (making the $content) and finally it "spits" out the result.

Sorry for the late answer. And thanks for your words :)

Sorasyn  -  May 21, 2013

Sounds correct to me then. A little strung out, but whatever works. :)

MoshMage  -  May 22, 2013

Strung out? (I'm portuguese and Google translates "string out" as 'addictive' or 'spreaded randomly').

Sorasyn  -  May 22, 2013

Ha don't worry about it, I'm not sure "Strung out" was the term to use anyway.

MoshMage  -  May 22, 2013

lol, what I meant was: I didn't get what you were trying to say. But yeah: It works it's all that really matters x)

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