blackvenomm666 commented on a Page, BlackList script using .ini's  -  May 15, 2013

looks good grim keep up the good work bud

GrimReaper  -  May 16, 2013

Thanks bud, It's been a while since I coded in mIRC from scratch, Usually I just modify other people's codes or fix other codes for people. So I thought I better get back into it.

H0LLYWOOD  -  May 18, 2013

it would be awesome if you could incorporate which server the bot is banning someone on. Since my personal bot is on multiple networks with the same channel name. Also, I cant get the !BLDel to work for the life of me. Otherwise. Great job. I will soon be stealing this. :D

GrimReaper  -  May 19, 2013

I will work at it H0LLYWOOD, I do have an idea on how to get it to work like that. So it should be easy to accomplish. I shall get to work at it after I finish work later on. :)

H0LLYWOOD  -  Jun 20, 2013

Bump =D

GrimReaper  -  Jun 20, 2013

Hey @H0LLYWOOD, I will work on the script now. :) It's not that much of an edit.

GrimReaper  -  Jun 20, 2013

Ok, Updated. I set it to work on multiple networks with the same channel name. :)

Warriorii  -  Jul 16, 2013

Well just call me a dummy but i cant figure out how to copy it. i'm using internet explorer 8 if that makes a difference. it doesn't look the same as it was before so i figured Hawkee changed it. I can't hi-lite it either

blackvenomm666  -  Jul 21, 2013

use google chrome it's better

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