Lucius commented on a Page, Pan's Monster Manager (For use with IRC RPG games)  -  May 12, 2013

Quite nice but it won't work universally, and for the people actually needing something to help add monsters to a text file it may cause problems more than it fixes.
for instance I have an RPG which also stores health, strength, agility on the same line, and the RPG itself uses defined lines for each level rather than multiple text files so any additions have to be changed in the script.

rat 10 2 5
slime 20 1 1


bat 10 2 10
etc etc.

You may wish to add the name/link of the rpg itself so anyone wanting to use this will be able to find your rpg.... wait 12 levels, is that my old rpg?--> !fight evil
ifso I'd appreciate a link, if not I'd like to see it.

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