TMFKSOFT   -  May 07, 2013

I'm hoping to release a lot of PHP Based Stuff soon.
I'll be doing a while line of software that will be open to your criticism and ideas here's a simple list of such items:

Blogging Software - Simple Blogging in PHP
Forum Software - A simple user forum that allows users to make forum threads and such
Ticket Support System - allow people to make tickets and such
Social Network - Will be the BIGGEST Project of them all
Pastebinner - A simple pastebin Script.
URL Shortener A simple URL Shortening script.
Video Sharing Site - Saywhat!?
Search Engine - A Very Basic Search Engine Service

I'll be hoping to release a script every Saturday! (Jesus H O.o!)

I'll be documenting each day of each script on my personal blog and finished scripts will appear on Hawkee for download!
Some of the bigger Scripts may take a few days longer.

All scripts will have the ability to share users so you can have a whole system setup using my scripts and have a fluid system in place without separate logins! ;)

So that's all to come. The first script will be released THIS Saturday Next Saturday could be tricky due to a holiday but I hope to pop a script out sometime.

Thomas Edwards (TMFKSOFT)

Hawkee  -  May 07, 2013

Sounds great! Your projects are fairly common solutions, so you'll have to do something special to make them stand out. I strongly recommend using a CSS library like Bootstrap or Foundation. Also, what JavaScript library do you plan to use?

TMFKSOFT  -  May 07, 2013

I'll be using BootStrap and JQuery for anything that's asynchronous.

Hawkee  -  May 07, 2013

Safe choices.

Sorasyn  -  May 07, 2013

Yep, it's getting to be that time of year again. School's up for me in another week, so hopefully I'll have time to work on a few projects in between work shifts. As for script packages, you could upload them onto GitHub as well, that might get you some more traffic. Looking forward to seeing some PHP.

Hawkee  -  May 07, 2013

Yes, always good to post to GitHub. I prefer developers use Hawkee as a place to discuss their projects while GitHub is the place to host them.

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