afp_romania commented on a Page, Admin user controls  -  Apr 18, 2013

I forgot to post the image for script. :D

___ME___  -  Apr 18, 2013

Simple, but I like simplicity. Although I don't get some of the functions like "virus"

afp_romania  -  Apr 18, 2013

oh, that is quarantine :D but you can replace command :)

Sorasyn  -  Apr 18, 2013

Looks cluttered, and rather busy. To someone foreign to this snippet, the learning curve on something that like that would be enormous.

TheWhistler  -  May 02, 2013

run $mircdirBLKoldSUN/text/blkoldsun3.txt <----< what about this, what kind of text is that suppose to be ???

Sorasyn  -  May 02, 2013

@TheWhistler I would presume it's personal code that has not been filtered out. It seems the entire snippet is littered with personal code.

TheWhistler  -  May 02, 2013

Thanks SunnyD i soon found that out , had to edit some in it to work

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