TheWhistler   -  Apr 09, 2013

i'm looking for a file that brings up @information,@information2,@ctcp,@op,@deop,@text,@part,@join,@connecting,@disconnect,@ban and some more I cant rememember, I don't know who made it or what it was call, I look in the snippet section and haven't seen it, would very much appricate if anybody could help me out with it

Scakk  -  Apr 10, 2013

Can you explain more as to what the snippet did. With more information we can help find what it is you are asking for.

TMFKSOFT  -  Apr 14, 2013

Drop a post in the correct section of the forum for the code its for so people know what it concerns :)

Forum link is on the bottom right of the site on the footer :)

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