MashhitDK commented on a Page, !IMDB Movie Search  -  Apr 06, 2013

[size=16]Is it possible to get it to pull US/ENG title only?[/size]
As in no mater where the BOT/you're located it will pull US/ENG title ?
I've got My bot hosted on server in France and would like it to pull US/ENG title no mater what movie you search for.
As it is now when it's a movie that isn't ENG/US it will pull it either French or original title... would like it to pull US/ENG no mater what.

This possible or am I gonna have to get it in either French and/or the original title ?

FordLawnmower  -  Apr 07, 2013

I think this solves that issue MashhitDK :
Let me know if it doesn't

MashhitDK  -  Apr 08, 2013

Thank you so much @FordLawnmower
Am gonna test it now and report back...
But thanks none the less... really do appreciate it <3

It ain't working... tried doing a search for Three Colors: Blue
and I'm getting Danish version on My test client and French on My bot... / it's stilling pulling iNFO out from IP...
And it's pulling from IP no mater if I set it to use oTitle or Title... both will give Me the same respond.

Not sure that ain't because of an error here...
Will check back later when I've removed everything else and see if that makes a difference.

  • small error when pulling Director... it ain't removing all the "http stuff" it "wraps" it in
    Krzysztof Kieslowski
FordLawnmower  -  Apr 09, 2013

I would need to see the source of the page from the bots country to parse this MashhitDK. It seems to be a little different in each country. If your not sure how to get this, come to #Script-Help and I will help you sort it.

MashhitDK  -  Jul 29, 2013

Here is complete output from DK host @
Having same problem when adding to bot it just pulls from France instead cause that's where bot is hosted.
Above is on Despicable Me 2 which it pulls DK title from as you'll be able to see.

Fixed it Myself... pulling original title from line 348-349 and year from 347
But if you've got a "fix" for pulling US title every time no mater what I would still prefer that.

    if ($between(%imdb,<a href="/year/,/,1)) { set -u1 %IMDByear ( $+ $v1 $+ ) | halt }
    elseif (<span class="title-extra" itemprop="name"> isin %imdb) { set %imdbx $remove(%imdb,"title-extra","name")
      if ($between(%imdbx,",",1)) { unset %imdbx | hadd -m $sockname otitle $+($gettok($sock($sockname).mark,5,32),Title:) $Xchr($regml(1)) %IMDByear }
    elseif (%imdbx && $between(%imdb,",",1)) { unset %imdbx | hadd -m $sockname otitle $+($gettok($sock($sockname).mark,5,32),Title:) $Xchr($regml(1)) %IMDByear | halt }

Is what I've added and seems to work for Me so far... haven't tested on host yet since I'm still playing with My new fail.
Not sure above will work for other... mine is kind of heavily edited to pull more stats / shortplot so above might not for people with same problem and standard script... but thought I would share in case it could help others out.
Know the above code isn't pretty... but working... added to the top of the sockread event BTW...
just after line 111

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