gooshie   -  Mar 17, 2013

All my snippets seem broken now in one line.
I don't like the new layout; it seems like less is happening and there is less information than before.

Hawkee  -  Mar 18, 2013

Are you using IE7? Our code editor, CodeMirror, stopped supporting IE7. I suggest upgrading to either Chrome or Firefox. You'll have a better web experience overall.

Yes, mIRC scripting is dying, so I'm working hard to transition the site to more modern languages and platforms.

gooshie  -  Mar 18, 2013

I'm using IE8. I think the issue is that the code sections do not have the carriage return for new lines just the /n; windows needs /r/n unless they finally admitted they should follow the crowd in IE9 which would be good. Maybe there is hope for apple having more than one mouse button now. I do use Firefox also for somethings. I like IE8 for the search box and being able to add all my search settings with a file.reg in one click and also for the bookmarks being individual files.url for easy sorting and such outside of the browser. Chrome is more for apple than for windows and sucks because it would not just let me save the download so I could install offline on other machines. I don't pay attention anymore to 'browser fashion seasons' because it's mostly about hating what has been and loving what is new without regard to functionality or use preferences.

*Update: I just thought to use the "Compatibility View" button in IE8 and it fixed the line return issue! But now the expanding threads don't work. I have to switch back and forth depending what I need to do.

Hawkee  -  Mar 18, 2013

I wouldn't say Chrome is more for Apple. In fact it took them nearly a year between the original Windows release to the first Mac release. What I like about Chrome is the up to date support for web standards. Firefox is pretty good about keeping up to date as well. Unfortunately IE is always the furthest back in terms of compatibility.

gooshie  -  Mar 19, 2013

Many people still use XP and while probably three quarters of them use Firefox, or some other browser, that still leaves a big chunk of people using IE8. This is the only site I frequent that doesn't play well with IE8 whereas YouTube works just fine and I'm sure they would prefer MS not exist. I do not live in a world where I have one machine that I replace whenever they upgrade the operating system. For example: I own 3 W7 laptops, 2 gifted/salvaged XP boxes, and an Apple Tiger gifted to me. I am awaiting parts for a new micro-ATX build that will become my HTPC. One of my XP boxes running professional headless lives at another location that has bandwidth that I SSL-RDP into to manage torrents. The other XP box I plan to setup LTSP and then PXE boot Linux on my laptops as if they are thin clients. One of my first task when installing any Linux is to run XP in a virtual machine because it runs windows apps, whereas WINE is just fail. Windows XP in a virtual machine has less overhead than W7 and I have a special XP install disk that does not require a key or validation. I would PXE boot the apple but because it is PowerPC processor it would not work. Side note: My local BestBuy has an Apple table in the middle of the computer section; I use them when I am there to price shop/compare since they always have internet. It's interesting to see how little OS X has changed since Tiger. I forgot to mention, the reason I have to SSL into the torrent box is to get around the filters on the Wi-Fi I am mooching from about 1000 meters from my house. To make that journey I installed DD-WRT onto a $25 Rosewill router after soldering an RP-SMA bulkhead connector in place of the fixed antenna so I could use an outdoor 20db yagi. In short, browsers bore me.

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