N3M3S1S   -  Mar 09, 2013

Finally was able to vanquish the coders block... Finally begun on a new script project. It's another mIRC script.

mIRC SkyFall is coming!

N3M3S1S  -  Mar 09, 2013

Also this will be my last major mIRC project.

After this I will be venturing on to a different language.

Hawkee  -  Mar 10, 2013

Great, what language do you want to get into?

N3M3S1S  -  Mar 10, 2013

Leaning towards C, Perl and Python, among others.

N3M3S1S  -  Mar 10, 2013

But I am also going to be re-enrolling in college after the summer. (After a 4 year break) My major is going to be either computer programming or computer hardware, accompanied by some minor study in general technology and engineering/metal works.

Jonesy44  -  Mar 22, 2013

C++ hint hint ;-)

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