chachin2009 commented on a Page, Wunderground weather for eggdrop  -  Mar 09, 2013

When I load your script then .rehash the bot it crashes and shows me this
I removed your weather script and bot works just fine, so it it has to be something in your script :(

[17:38:18] Tcl error in file 'BoobsBot/BoobsBot.conf': [17:38:18] invalid command name "L [17:38:18] * CONFIG FILE NOT LOADED (NOT FOUND, OR ERROR)
FordLawnmower  -  Mar 09, 2013

There is no command L in my script. Infact, I don't use UPPER case letters at all in tcl.
So , if this is coming from this script then it must be caused by a #comment being parsed.
My guess is that you didn't completely copy the code and you have a partial line , causing it to read a comment.
This problem can also be caused by using a text editor that adds characters when you click save.
Try starting over and copying the code again. Review the code to make sure it's all there before you try to load it into the eggdrop.
What text editor are you using ?

TheWhistler  -  Jul 12, 2014

this there anyway to set the channel in the TCL itself rather than DCC to the bot , my ddc stop working and cant set the channel by dcc'ing to the bot . much appricated if you could

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