mitke013 commented on a Page, Scroll Append - Inifinite/Endless Scroll  -  Mar 08, 2013

Great plugin! I have a question: how do I restart the plugin? Or reset page value to 0 so further scrolling will call ?page=1, ?page=2 ... instead of continuing from last remembered value?

Hawkee  -  Mar 08, 2013

Just set disableCache to true in the options.

mitke013  -  Mar 09, 2013

It is not about cache or page reload, I am still on same page. Example:
I have newsfeed that is loaded using your plugin (works perfectly). Let's presume 5 pages were loaded that way.
User fills in the form just like on facebook, all via ajax. Form passes validation and now, newsfeed loads itself using ?page=1 (ajax). But if I continue scrolling, plugin will continue from last remembered page, in this example 5.
I know I should just append that new post on top but for some other reason I cannot do that (because of applied filters, sorting etc.. it is simpler just to refresh).
Sorry for bad english.

Hawkee  -  Mar 13, 2013

You might need to write a sister function to clearOld that forces a cache refresh.

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