ovelayer commented on a Page, TVRage  -  Feb 24, 2013

dont know if its the script or tvrage.com but i get
Last Episode 03x10 -#- Home Aired: Ãysdays ago (17/02/2013)
its not displaying correctly like 6ays 7hours 6secs anymore

ovelayer  -  Feb 25, 2013

had to be the script went back to the one you had just before this update and now it works fine again

SRU  -  Feb 26, 2013

Sorry for that... forgot to test everything before I posted trigger fix and apparently got error when I copy/pasted it from here to edit.
But should be fixed now... was %days that for some reason had changed to Ã?YS but fixed now... working here anyways :D

ovelayer  -  Feb 26, 2013

thank you all better now!

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