Hawkee   -  Feb 21, 2013

I've been toying with the idea of offering some profile and site customizability. How would you feel about having control over the background and link colors? I'm also considering offering an option to choose a different code box theme. We have the following options available from CodeMirror: http://codemirror.net/demo/theme.html

JamoBox  -  Feb 21, 2013

I love the idea of the different code box themes, perhaps you could have a drop-down menu where users can select from either one of a few major programming languages for syntax highlighting or just have a general theme. In terms of links and backgrounds though I think it would look better if they stuck to the site house style. Just my two cents.

Hawkee  -  Feb 21, 2013

My thought is that the background, link and code colors will be private. It would be a setting under account settings just like Twitter. The only page that will publicly express your choices will be your profile page.

Sorasyn  -  Feb 21, 2013

Not wild about themes, the one you have now seems to be working well for the website. Nothing's mismatched or alienated. Code syntax highlighting needs something done though in my opinion; it's rather bland color wise. Nothing really stands out, it's almost like reading it off Notepad. -- Note that only goes for languages that have maybe a handful of colors, most of which are shades of orange. C#, and mIRC are a few that I've noticed so far.

Hawkee  -  Feb 21, 2013

This isn't a theme system but a way for users to slightly customize the site. Everything will still look the same except those three color options.

FordLawnmower  -  Feb 23, 2013

@Hawkee here is my mode edit for tcl : http://pastebin.com/77ikX1Td
This should be fine. I can make a quick edit if needed after I see in on the site.
This only includes tcl commands, as there are many more built in commands for eggdrop.

Hawkee  -  Feb 23, 2013

@FordLawnmower Looks good, I just pushed it out. You should post that code as a snippet. I'm sure others might find it useful.

FordLawnmower  -  Feb 23, 2013

It's not something I would think to post but I suppose there is someone out there looking for it.
I'll post it in a few.

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