Hawkee commented on a Page, RSS Feed Reader for eggdrop  -  Feb 16, 2013

Looks like I need to find a better CodeMirror mode for TCL syntax highlighting. There isn't one available so I need to find the closest match.

FordLawnmower  -  Feb 18, 2013

@Hawkee I could try making one if you point me to the closest match to start with.

Hawkee  -  Feb 18, 2013

@FordLawnmower Try this: http://codemirror.net/demo/loadmode.html You can paste your code here and play with the different modes. I'm currently using perl for TCL, but it's not quite right as we can see. If you want to create a new mode I'd download the entire library, install it locally, copy the best match and modify it.

FordLawnmower  -  Feb 19, 2013

I'll take a look at the api and get started as soon as I finish the script I working on now.

CadetAndrew  -  Apr 21, 2014

Little confused on how this should work. It's supposed to check the RSS feeds every so often (specified in the conf file) and then post them to the channel, correct?

I tried .rss addxml #AWPWX hunchat HUNCHAT http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/iembot-rss/wfo/khun.xml, it said the feed was added but it hasn't been posting in #AWPWX. The code remains unchanged except for the variables I am supposed to edit. I have it check the feeds every minute. http://pastie.org/9096753

Abandoned  -  Jan 10, 2017

This is gold! Thank you very much!

Abandoned  -  Jan 10, 2017


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