John Daniels   -  Jan 21, 2013

Needs, a Auto oper snippet for Mirc Any Help please didn't really know where to ask k thanks and i don't mind how many words are in it just nothing To complicated, just as long as it fits on 5-6 lines

SReject  -  Jan 21, 2013

/help /aop

blackvenomm666  -  Jan 21, 2013
menu channel,nicklist {
  Pass Systems
  .Turn on/off
  ..$iif($group(#autonickpass) == On,$style(2)) Auto nick pass on: { .enable #autonickpass  } 
  ..$iif($group(#autonickpass) == Off,$style(2)) Auto nick pass off: { .disable #autonickpass }
  ..$iif($group(#autooperpass) == On,$style(2)) Auto oper pass on: { .enable #autooperpass  } 
  ..$iif($group(#autooperpass) == Off,$style(2)) Auto oper pass off: { .disable #autooperpass }
  ..Add: { writeini passsaver.ini $serverip $+ $port Pass $$?="pass?" }
  ..Delete: { remini passsaver.ini $serverip $+ $port }
  ..Add: { writeini passsaver.ini $network Pass $$?="pass?" }
  ..Del: { remini passsaver.ini $network  }
  ..AddChatspace: { writeini operpasssaver.ini $server $+ $port HostName $$?="Your HostName" $$?="pass?" }
  ..DelChatspace: { remini operpasssaver.ini $server $+ $port }
  ..AddIrcd: { writeini operpasssaver.ini $network HostName $$?="Your HostName" | writeini operpasssaver.ini $network Pass $$?="pass?" }
  ..DelIrcd: { remini operpasssaver.ini $network }
#autonickpass on
on *:snotice:*You must provide the password*: {  pass $readini(passsaver.ini, $serverip $+ $port,pass) } 
on *:notice:*is registered and*:*: {
  if ($nick == nickserv) {
    .msg nickserv identify $readini(passsaver.ini, $network,pass)
on *:text:*is registered and*:?: {
  if ($nick == nickserv) {
    .msg nickserv identify $readini(passsaver.ini, $network,pass)
#autonickpass end
#autooperpass on
On *:Connect:{ if ($readini(operpasssaver.ini, $network,hostname)) {
    .timer 1 2 .oper $readini(operpasssaver.ini, $network,hostname) $readini(operpasssaver.ini, $network,pass)
  elseif ($readini(operpasssaver.ini, $server $+ $port,hostname)) {
    .oper $readini(operpasssaver.ini, $server $+ $port,hostname) 
#autooperpass end
blackvenomm666  -  Jan 21, 2013

that's an auto oper and auto nick pass script i made a while back

John Daniels  -  Jan 21, 2013

i dunno how to use that script just a tip. or a tutorial

blackvenomm666  -  Jan 22, 2013

put it in a new remotes file then when you are on the server you want to add your pw to right click in the nicklist go to pass saver. go to oper pw's choose whether chatspace or ircd. it will pop up asking for your pass and your hostname just put your pass in the one asking foor pass and your login name for hostname when it asks for it. go into turn on/off mke sure to set auto oper pw on and your good to go.

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