FelicianoX   -  Dec 25, 2012

Has anybody here done Android programming? I'm following thenewboston's 200 Android Programming tutorial playlist (currently at 105) but IMO he doesn't teach useful stuff that we will need for every application we build, just basic and obvious stuff.

Does anybody here know of a *good Android Programming tutorial book?

  • = not good because it says so on the internet but because you've read it yourself.

PS: I know Java, just need to learn Android.

Hawkee  -  Dec 26, 2012

I wrote an app and 99% of my support came from StackOverflow. You just can't go about it with the intention of learning features, but with the goal of building a specific app. Just search Google for each step of the way and click the StackOverflow results.

Conscious  -  Dec 26, 2012

I have to partially agree with @Hawkee here, I built a simple (yet dodgy) game from scratch, with no knowledge of Android and basically no knowledge of Java. Although I did it this way, much of what I found on the way would have been quite handy to know BEFORE I started. I do suggest learning the basic concepts of android apps, though, such as lifecycles of activities. developer.android.com has quite a few good resources there.

Sorasyn  -  Dec 26, 2012

I'm sure Google has a few starter demonstrations to give you a handle on things. When I did have the Android SDK, I just flipped through and read the documentation. In my opinion, it was better than reading tutorials as I was made to construct it myself rather than reading / copying material.

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