Hawkee   -  Dec 24, 2012

I was considering updating the private message system here, but I remembered GitHub's solution to remove their own entirely. I checked the site's history and it seems to be a very under utilized feature. Maybe we should just remove it? As an alternative I can offer a dialog that allows you to post a @mention to the user like Twitter.

JamoBox  -  Dec 24, 2012

That sounds like a much better idea, I've only ever used the private messaging system on here once and that was about a month ago. the @mention feature should make it more sociable which is nice.

Abcdefmonkey  -  Dec 24, 2012

I've only used the PM system like twice? But that was only because someone PM'd me a question.. which was well over a year ago. Lol.

Hawkee  -  Dec 24, 2012

I ran some more calculations and it seems about 20% of the active users here have used private messaging over the past 3 months, so it might be worth keeping. My idea is to implement it just like status updates and notices except at private URLs.

BlueThen  -  Dec 24, 2012

I seldom/never use it also, but it does seem like a necessary feature, as there's really no other means of safely establishing private contact.

Hawkee  -  Dec 24, 2012

I think it would be good to bring in some users who actually use this functionality. What are your thoughts @xdesoto @Jethro @spartan23 @VxD aka DEATHJ0KER @blackvenomm666 @ProIcons @x1L22?

Hawkee  -  Dec 24, 2012

I posted this question to UX.StackExchange and have received some valuable feedback, http://bit.ly/ReXRya

ProIcons  -  Dec 24, 2012

Well i believe you should rebuild the Private Message System , because some users are sending private messages with some of their Services Passwords in order to test some scripts and etc. It would be Uncomfortable if everyone could see their passwords, or if they should send passwords by an email or somewhat like this. Even Facebook and all the big sites have Private Messaging System. Its about Privacy as long is not violating any Rule. Refering to that if you want to Rebuild it you can implement a Security system with some "KeyWord" Detection system in order to prevent any illegal material going through your site. Now considering the fact that in Hawkee users using 20% The Messaging System i wouldn't remove it. I mean its a big number dude.

However if you want to make it more twitter style i would say to you "YES remove it", though it/s a Technology Site , not twitter...

But in the other hand for some users that are not into helping others wouldn't matter much... I mean they never used it at all.. So at a big percent also , i believe 60% of the users , this system is useless. Also you may have some dead users so why u are not cleaning up them and see the statistics once again about its usage.

Btw Good Job as now. Site is completely Visual Changed. I Like it! Nice Job mate.

Sincerely Nikolas. M

ProIcons  -  Dec 24, 2012

Oh and something more. About the "passwords" thing , that i mentioned to send Passwords via Email... Into that i wanted to add, in order to contact them with emails they should post their emails in here. So once again is about privacy...

Hawkee  -  Dec 24, 2012

Thanks for the feedback @ProIcons it's certainly helpful to hear from people who are using the feature. It seems it might be valuable to keep it. I have some plans on how to rebuild it which shouldn't require a whole lot of effort.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Dec 24, 2012

First, Merry Christmas to all
Mr. Hawkee, i think a good thing to optimize the functions and i'm sure you will find the best solution even if it is a little hard to please everyone.

I just want you to point out that imitate other popular social networks, does not lead to anything good in the first place the style of facebook, twitter and company, can be considered a management model that can be summed up as a fad aimed at ordinary users. It 'just connect to the site with their services, but in a balanced way. Common thing between all modes of management are the recommended standard and advanced features.
I think too that imitate other social does not lead to a good result.
Hawkee worth more because it is a promoter of technology and should not imitate other partner in its management believe that good. Probably would agree only do some tweaking.
Happy Holidays :)

ProIcons  -  Dec 24, 2012

Damn Here's my respect :o @VxD aka DEATHJ0KER :D
Forgot Merry Christmas to All Guyz :) Have Fun

gooshie  -  Dec 24, 2012

The private system works now. It could be different. I would like a way to list all sections I have comments in (snippets, scripts, forumn all together with a 'section' column) with a way to toggle notifications for ALL/None and then On/Off for each one with a way to arrange by status column (so all toggled on/off group together alpha sorted).
This would be a feature addition instead of just a feature improvement.

Hawkee  -  Dec 24, 2012

Thank you @gooshie, this was mainly a question about the old forum based private message system we have here. I'd like to remove the forum software from this site at some point, but we're still using the PM system.

blackvenomm666  -  Dec 25, 2012

While the p.m system is not truly necessary i do find it useful once in a while when i'm working on a project that i don't want to release just yet i can contact someone who's following my posts that i believe can help me and ask them for help if i need it or i may get a random message from someone needing help once in a while. That being said if it being here is hindering progress of hawkee.com and is generally not used then it should be phased out. Maybe find a different way to communicate privately via the site? instead of having the private messages stored here on the server maybe have it set so if say i send you a message the server will send it to the email you used to create your account here? just my thoughts on it.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Dec 25, 2012

Have mercy ... Christmas is .... But his idea is good
Yes, of course you have to find a compromise. Type create a help section, a forum ShoutBox in real time via a web chat, the chat window is common to all, complete with a link to the section of the requests made by users.

This could also be a solution that facilitates the exchange of views and help between users. This solution seems to be out of date in this context is a necessary role. At least I think LoL

ProIcons  -  Dec 25, 2012

Well inspired by DEATHJ0ker's post after have some associative thoughts, it would be great to Create a Support Section... I mean to let the user create his own Inquiry and some Helpdesk Operators to be able to respond to him. You can set the ones that are helping a lot and u trust them

Hawkee  -  Dec 25, 2012

@ProIcons Part of my goal for this site is to provide a platform on which developers can discuss their apps and projects, so your idea does somewhat tie in. I'm not looking to create an issue tracking system though. That's been done to death.

As far as providing support for Hawkee itself I think the contact form should suffice for now. I'd like to focus on our core value to developers.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Dec 26, 2012

Every one wants to pull the 'water to their mill LoL
The 'central goal of Dr. HAWKEE' s main theme of the site, but if you also want to extend some aspects, ideas such as ProIcons can bring if only to service improvements.
Let me explain why I think it is right to expand the services even if they are not directly connected with the 'main topic of the site.

  • Many sites dealing irc been forfeited, no one knows where to turn, very often the sites are focused on an old idea of irc.
  • A free support where users themselves become involved in the resolution of questions, approaches to the exchange of ideas and mutual growth.
    The same thing is helpful for other languages ​​of course.
    It would be interesting to present a section on which your question, where you can paste images, video and text in code. The service may also have a timetable, the type ... Requests are automatically deleted after one year, in order to free up space from previous posts and no longer current. Could release a track on an archive of problems solved and unsolved.

In essence, you could do much, but for the moment Hawkee says well, better to focus on 'main topic of the site ^ ^

ProIcons  -  Dec 26, 2012

@Hawkee By Creating this Support Section u will be able to remove the Private Message function. Think about it. This will be WAY more advanced and good for users. Like @VxD aka DEATHJ0KER Said , its about Service Improvements and is very helpful for many users. In that way they will be able to post their issue with full details, even with passwords and to be accessible only from your staff. So by creating this Function the Private Message box will be useless entirely. And the level of programming support will be way more advanced for all of your users. I believe it will attract more and more people day after day

Hawkee  -  Dec 26, 2012

I don't think a support system can replace a private messaging system. They are two completely different tools. Do you mean to implement a single support system for hawkee.com or a support system for each project/script/app that gets posted?

ProIcons  -  Dec 26, 2012

I mean a support system for Hawkee.com not for a single project. Not for a single project. And it can replace the private message system. Most of private messages are for help... So if they can post it in Support Section all of your staff will be able to respond to him . So the user won't be forced to find the one that he will know about his issue. He will just post an inquiry and whoever knows will respond.

Hawkee  -  Dec 26, 2012

I still believe this is a separate issue. We can provide an issue tracker for Hawkee.com, and I was even researching different options to this effect. But what I'm addressing in this thread is the user to user private interaction. These are not just hawkee.com related support requests, but private interactions between members. Some of these messages are personal while others are related to specific scripts.

ProIcons  -  Dec 26, 2012

So it could be an addition the Support System. After catching up your goals , you can try to achieve it.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Dec 26, 2012

Where submit requests of Hawkee? LoL
It is difficult to propose ... but there is still topic related to the private system, for example ...
You could also do the same time, but I doubt anyone goes so far.
It would take a particular forum "virtual" in that ... It posted a message with another color or style that highlights the question that suggests publicly status update of all if the 'agree to this option. The response is not sent in the status update but sent the form above to ProIcons

BlueThen  -  Dec 26, 2012

In regards to support and issues, the public twitter-like forum works very well -- evidently by our discussion right now -- and we'd only be trying to fix and over complicate an already working system by replacing/supplementing it with an advanced issue tracking system.

Also, I think making it private and taking the community out of the process doesn't seem to align with the direction Hawkee is taking the website.

Hawkee  -  Dec 26, 2012

@VxD aka DEATHJ0KER I plan to create an app page for Hawkee.com for discussion pertaining to the site. This is, in fact, the purpose of Hawkee.com. It is for developers to discuss their apps and projects with their users.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Dec 26, 2012

Of course Mr. Hawkee, your intention is good practice but I want to tell BlueThen I never said the system was not efficient. My wanted to be just an idea on how to integrate the function of ProIcons that does not even require maintenance by the staff ...
I imagined a simple function, which results in a button checkbox that agrees or refuses' option option the message concerning former forum post.
A message in the status update evidence that connects to a form that collects issues or requests, recording the responses of those who interact with it. I do not see anything complicated, does not change anything but add an option. This was not related to the purposes of Hawkee.com, but that's what many users are looking for at this time ...
Mr. Hawkee as I had anticipated it is hard to please everyone ;)

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