illhawkthat commented on a Page, BlackJack V 1.1  -  Dec 18, 2012

I created a different version of this script that uses card values 1-13 (including aces and face cards) - here it is
NOTE: This version does include personalized hash table commands that you will need to remove.

However, parts of the script may be useful. PM for questions if you are new to editing scripts.

cptpan  -  May 11, 2015

How do I make this work? How do I get players to have chips so they can actually play?

illhawkthat  -  May 11, 2015

@cptpan It runs off of a CasinoChips.txt text file - to start this off you can type /write CasinoChips.txt NICKNAME 500
/write CasinoChips.txt NICKNAME2 500

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