Stewie1k94 commented on a Page, Youtube advanced search  -  Dec 14, 2012

I had a go at updating myself:

;Youtube advanced search by Ford_Lawmower #Script-Help
alias -l GetYoutube {
  var %MaxResults 3
  var %TitleColor $+($chr(3),$chr(2))
  var %TextColor $+($chr(2),$chr(3),04)
  var %LinkColor $+($chr(3),$chr(31))
  var %logo $+($chr(3),14,Y,$chr(3),04,outube) $chr(7)
  $1-2 %logo %TitleColor Searching Youtube........  
  var %sockname $+(YoutubeAdvancedSearch,$network,$2,$ticks), %yt.url $replace($3-,$chr(32),+)
  if ($left($3,1) == -) {
    if ($3 == -h || !$4) {
      $1-2 Syntax is !Youtube search words here. Optionally, you can change the search type by adding a search flag directly after !youtube and before The search word(s)
      $1-2 Valid search flags are -n (newest) -o (oldest) -v (view count) -r (rating) . Ex. !Youtube -n jimi hendrix  <<-- Will show the 3 newest posts with jimi hendrix in them.
      $1-2 You can also use the @ trigger to message the channel if you have halfops or higher. Ex. @Youtube jimi hendrix
    elseif ($3 == -n) { var %SearchType &search_sort=video_date_uploaded }
    elseif ($3 == -o) { var %SearchType &search_sort=video_date_uploaded_reverse }
    elseif ($3 == -v) { var %SearchType &search_sort=video_view_count }
    elseif ($3 == -r) { var %SearchType &search_sort=video_avg_rating }
    %yt.url = $replace($4-,$chr(32),+) $+ %SearchType
  var %yt.url $replace($iif(- isin $3,$4-,$3-),$chr(32),+) $+ %SearchType
  sockopen %sockname 80
  sockmark %sockname $1-2 $+(/results?search_type=&aq=f&search_query=,%yt.url,&hl=en) %MaxResults %TitleColor %TextColor %LinkColor %logo
menu Channel,Status {
  .$iif($group(#Youtube) == On,$style(1)) Youtube Trigger
  ..$iif($group(#Youtube) == On,$style(2)) On: .enable #Youtube
  ..$iif($group(#Youtube) == Off,$style(2)) Off: .disable #Youtube
#Youtube on
On $*:Text:/^(\+|-|!|@)Youtube.*/Si:#: {
  var %action $regml(1)
  if (%action isin +-) && ($regex($nick($chan,$nick).pnick,/(!|~|&|@)/)) {
    if (%action == +) {
      if ($istok(%YoutubeChanList,$+($network,$chan),32)) { .msg $chan $nick $chan is already running the Youtube script }
      else { 
        .enable #Youtube
        Set %YoutubeChanList $addtok(%YoutubeChanList,$+($network,$chan),32)
        .msg $chan $nick has activated the Youtube script for $chan .
    else {
      if (!$istok(%YoutubeChanList,$+($network,$chan),32)) { .msg $chan $nick $chan is not running the Youtube script }
      else { 
        Set %YoutubeChanList $remtok(%YoutubeChanList,$+($network,$chan),1,32)
        .msg $chan $nick has deactivated the Youtube script for $chan . 
  elseif (!$timer($+(Youtube,$network,$nick))) && ($istok(%YoutubeChanList,$+($network,$chan),32)) {
    .timer $+ $+(Youtube,$network,$nick) 1 6 noop
    var %method $iif(%action == !,.notice $nick,$iif($regex($nick($chan,$nick).pnick,/(!|~|&|@|%)/),.msg $chan,.notice $nick))
    GetYoutube %method $strip($2-)
#Youtube end
On *:sockopen:YoutubeAdvancedSearch*: {
  if (!$sockerr) {
    sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) HTTP/1.0
    sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
    sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
  else { echo -st Socket Error $nopath($script) | youtube.cleanup }
On *:sockread:YoutubeAdvancedSearch*: {
  if ($sockerr) { echo -st Socket Error $nopath($script) | youtube.cleanup }
  else {
    var %Youtube | sockread %Youtube
    if (No video results isin %Youtube) {
      $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,1-2,32) No results were found for your search!
    elseif ($regex(%Youtube,/data-context-item-title="(.*?)"/i)) hadd -m $sockname title $fix($regml(1))
    elseif ($regex(%Youtube,/data-video-ids="(.*?)"/i)) hadd -m $sockname id $regml(1)
    elseif ($regex(%Youtube,/dir="ltr">(.*?)<\/a><span class="metadata-separator">(.*?)<span class="metadata-separator">(.*?) views/i)) {
      hinc -m $sockname count      
      var %s $sockname
      tokenize 32 $sock(%s).mark
      $1-2 $8- $+($5,Title:,$6) $remove($hget(%s,title),<b>,</b>) $+($5,User:,$6) $regml(1) $+($5,Added:,$6) $remove($regml(2),</span>,&bull;) $+($5,Views:,$6) $remove($regml(3),</span>,&bull;) $+($7,,$hget(%s,id))
      if ($hget(%s,count) >= $4) youtube.cleanup      
On *:sockclose:YoutubeAdvancedSearch*: youtube.cleanup
alias -l youtube.cleanup {
  if ($hget($sockname)) hfree $v1
  sockclose $sockname
alias Youtube { GetYoutube echo -a $1- }
alias -l fix { return $regsubex($remove($replace($1-,&amp;,&,&quot;,"),amp;,<b>,</b>),/&#([0-9]{2});/gi,$chr(\t)) }

[11:47am] <~Stewie> @Youtube Halestorm
[11:47am] <&thunderbolt> Youtube Searching Youtube........
[11:47am] <&thunderbolt> Youtube Title: Halestorm - Bad Romance (cover) HD User: britton stallard Added: 1 year ago Views: 306,257
[11:47am] <&thunderbolt> Youtube Title: Halestorm - Daughters of Darkness Lyrics User: denestygg Added: 8 months ago Views: 258,190
[11:47am] <&thunderbolt> Youtube Title: Halestorm - I Miss The Misery [Official Video] User: HalestormRocks Added: 5 months ago Views: 2,357,340

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