moneyect commented on a Page, Twitter single token status update  -  Nov 28, 2012

hello, I been using your script off and on for a while now.
I started using it again, well tried to and its failing to work.
I never changed anything in mirc, what happens is, when I try to send an update, nothing at all happens, no error message either.
this is using V 7.15 mirc, I tried all versions posted here, same results.
I also created a new Mirc using V 6.1.5 and I then get an error
( invalid line 19 $signature)- something to that affect

BTW, the script at the very top of this page, the main code, as far as I have figured out, you dont update your status with the "/quick_update" command, I just typed my message in the @twitter window, and it tweets for me, just figured that out, at first I thought it was only a script to retrieve your timeline.

You need to fix your info on how to use the status update feature of this script (quick_update) does nothing except give an unknown command error message.

I would really love to be able to use the original single status update script that does use the (/quick_update) command as I have coded my own spammer bot to auto tweet for me,

none of the ones listed here in the pastebin links work for me, as I said, nothing happens when I /quick_update message.
if I change one digit in my consumer code, I then get the ""Password/Username Error --> HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" message, which tells me the script is trying to work.

If you wish, my email is gypsyr0ads @ live com
no spaces, ;)

Ill check back here later to see if you replied.
thanks for the scripts BTW
the ones that do work are great to have

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