sean   -  Nov 27, 2012

@Hawkee Whatever happened to MyHawkee? I know it was years ago but, it just fizzled out :P

Hawkee  -  Nov 27, 2012

Never really took off because the service was quite terrible. It was a 3rd party provider who didn't update the service for years and years.

JamoBox  -  Nov 30, 2012

What actually was MyHawkee?

Hawkee  -  Nov 30, 2012

It was a free webhost where you register for a site.

JamoBox  -  Nov 30, 2012

Ah, sounds pretty cool

sean  -  Nov 30, 2012

I thought it was a great idea at the time, was that like '04ish? I've actually linked my Hawkee profile to potential employers on numerous occasions to show activity within a development community. Would be nice if a few of the provided sections were a bit more in-depth :P

Hawkee  -  Nov 30, 2012

What sections should be more in-depth?

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