SnoooP   -  Nov 17, 2012

@Hawkee nice work with the site updates! Have the forums been abandoned now? Or are they being phased out?

SnoooP  -  Nov 17, 2012

Is it bad that I failed to see the first post in the general discussion forum saying that they're being phased out?

My bad :P

SnoooP  -  Nov 18, 2012

@Hawkee if possible, it'd be great to see the author of a snippet next or around the title in the snippet list. You may be surprised at how many people stick to the same authors when choosing snippets :P

Hawkee  -  Nov 18, 2012

I can work that in there. Also, we will have a new search that will let you search for snippets by author.

SnoooP  -  Nov 18, 2012

Sounds good mate, look forward to seeing it!

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