Conscious   -  Nov 16, 2012

Code at the bottom. My apologies if BBcode code tags don't work in statuses which I have a suspicion it doesn't!

I'm sick of having to do two lines or $chr() shit if I want a comma in a mIRC identifier parameter. For example, var %reg = /(abc){1,3}/ then a regex line using $regex(,%reg).

So, I decided to make an alias out of it that puts all the parameters together. It works like this so far: $c(1,2,3) = 1,2,3. All good. However, due to the nature of mIRC, whitespaces on either side of the text are being cut out. E.g, $c(a , b, c) should return a , b, c but it returns a,b,c.

Has anyone found a solution to combat this problem?

alias c {
  var %x $1
  tokenize 32 $2-
  while ($1) {
    %x = %x $+ , $+ $1
    tokenize 32 $2-
  return %x
Conscious  -  Nov 16, 2012

awesome, it does!

FelicianoX  -  Nov 17, 2012

I think your alias is just a large version of

alias c return $replace($1-, $chr(32), $chr(44))

(As of the time I posted this comment)

Edit: It actually ignores spaces in $1, so:

alias c return $1, $+ $replace($2-, $chr(32), $chr(44))
Conscious  -  Nov 17, 2012

No. I don't want spaces replaced with commas. Parameters might have spaces inside of them. $c(a b c d e,f,g,h) should return a b c d e,f,g,h

FelicianoX  -  Nov 18, 2012

Yeah that's what my second alias is doing.

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