GrimReaper   -  Nov 16, 2012

Decided to update my Windows 7 theme.. not sure about it.. Just thought I'd share with you guys, Link to view the theme is:

Sorasyn  -  Nov 16, 2012

Dragonforce.. there's a band I haven't heard in years.

Hawkee  -  Nov 16, 2012

Reminds me of a biker jacket. Not a big fan of skulls.

GrimReaper  -  Nov 16, 2012

@Sorasyn I have all their stuff on my laptop.. lol I also have the DragonForce pack on Guitar Hero 3 on my xbox.. lol

@Hawkee I don't know why I like Skulls, It's just something about them that seem's to get my attention to them.

Sorasyn  -  Nov 16, 2012

My background usually corresponds with my operating system or something hardware related to said computer. Lol

GrimReaper  -  Nov 16, 2012

lol Mine was the standard Aero theme, but I got bored of it, So I modded some system files and installed a third party theme. :)

Sorasyn  -  Nov 16, 2012

I did the same thing when I had 7. xD I really liked the Transparent "window" themes, but I couldn't find a stable one that really worked without bugs or hitches.

GrimReaper  -  Nov 16, 2012

The tools I use to mod my windows mean's I take over the C:\Windows folder and then use a couple other applications to edit files, Then I can install third party theme's from various sources.

SnoooP  -  Nov 17, 2012

My background is just plain white, pretty boring lol

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