[nas]peter   -  Nov 04, 2012

I was thinking of buying a computer for myself. I thought about second hand computers mainly for testing things (and running Debian as OS instead of VM). Is a Dell Poweredge 1850 good for this? I can get one pretty cheap and it seems to meet all my specifications for what I need. 2GB ram, dual intel Xeon processor at 2.8gHz. 2 HDD's with 73GB storage each, not like I'll use it as a NAS server :P. Or does anyone have a suggestion what I should instead of the PE1850?

Hawkee  -  Nov 04, 2012

What sort of things will you be testing? Is this going to be a web server? What sort of application? How much data?

blackvenomm666  -  Nov 05, 2012

dell poweredge from my experience was a pretty good line of computer i have one that i still use the poweredge 400sc. although it has gone through at least 2 psu's and i think this third one is going out so i might be junking it. right now i run a dell xps gen 2 as my main computer it's a pretty good one pent 4 processor got 4 hdd's in it 2 gb of ram and can upgrade to 4. and i run wow on it. whether either will run what you need i'm not really sure but they are both decent enough computers especially for older ones.

[nas]peter  -  Nov 05, 2012

Mainly a testing enviroment for some of the scripting I do, a personal web server, Sql database, , probably a virtual machine with Debian (512MB Ram). Mainly local data.

The applications that I'll run could possibly be:
-vmware 8.0
-ftpd (if possible)
-remote desktop so I can connect my laptop to the server.

Running OS: Windows 2003 server enterprise edition.

Hawkee  -  Nov 05, 2012

I think you should be fine with whatever you can scrounge up if it's just a test environment.

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