unseen commented on a Page, mIRC profiles  -  Nov 02, 2012


as for the delete function, yea I've seen it, sorry it was my bad,
but also would be good if it was out on the main panel, and multi profile select to be possible in case somebody has lots of profiles and wants to filter it.

on the other hand, the server pass I believe is the one of the psybnc / bnc password is. but whenever u click on a profile and press on login,
you receive a box where it asks for a password, and in this case I believe the server pass maybe.

So I was thinking about this specific box that appears after clicking on login. why does it appear ? and if it's possible for it to be removed.
that's because I have lots of shell profiles. and it will be more practical as a fast login.

Kindly let me know if there's more details needed :)

Best regards

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