Jethro   -  Oct 29, 2012

Hawkee, why is it that code posted in PM being displayed vertically now instead of horizontally as before? This makes it illegible, especially when you copy and paste it directly into mIRC remote, it generates blank hard spaces. It's troublesome too to have to reconstruct them in order.

Is this an intentional change or bug when you've updated and revamped the website to begin with?

Hawkee  -  Oct 29, 2012

@Jethro Did this just start happening? I only changed the theme of the code and nothing else. Can you give me the steps necessary to reproduce this issue.

Jethro  -  Oct 30, 2012

It's happened for some time now. I just haven't gotten a chance to tell you. The code was displayed correctly as it should before until you've started working on the website. This matter applies to PM only. You can reproduce this issue easily by having someone send you a code using the code tags, and you'll see what I meant.

Hawkee  -  Oct 30, 2012

I see the problem. It was with the way phpBB converted the newlines to br's. I fixed it.

blackvenomm666  -  Oct 30, 2012

that has been going on for a while now i just ignored it figuring it would eventually get fixed lol but hey it has

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