N3M3S1S   -  Oct 25, 2012


mIRC's highlight feature is aggravating me. So aggravating that I have decided to make a highlight script for mIRC that actuall WORKS. mIRC's highlight only highlights the words you specify (So you could easily add your nickname into there), so I am going to make one that does that plus highlights your current user name, tired of missing messages because mIRC's highlight doesn't highlight nicknames. If you're someone like me, then you know that I use too many randomized user names to add them all to the highlight list...

N3M3S1S  -  Oct 25, 2012

As most of my scripts, it will be fully customizable and will include use of ColorCombo.dll for colorful color selection drop down box!

Sorasyn  -  Oct 25, 2012

Simplicity is sometimes best. I just used a basic highlighter and window logger for my highlighting system while I used mIRC. The window logged the triggering statement, and highlighted my name in the channel text. Less is more after all.

Meta  -  Oct 26, 2012

Why not use $me as the highlight trigger if you want mIRC to highlight your current nick?

N3M3S1S  -  Oct 27, 2012

That is a good point @Meta I forget that mIRC's highlighter can have aliases and identifiers assigned to it. Done.

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