DreamLander commented on a Page, [CENSORED]  -  May 21, 2006

Ok, I tried very many scripts for censoring badwords, but none of them has the desired effect.
When user posts a badword I want the script to censor the bad word before the word appears on the channel,and the script must intercept and replace it with a censor message(\"[Censored]\").

The effect of the actual script:

fuck <- the word appears( and the censor is not working 100% ) [Censored] The desired effect, I want , would be like this: [Censored] <- The word was intercepted by the script and censored directly and the badword didn\'t appear. My thought is that it couldn\'t be making this kind of script, because there is no possibility to intercept(scans) the words before appearing in the channel. If someone could make this kind of script, it would be a great accomplish.Or can someone tell me the solutions for this kind of job?
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