Hawkee   -  Oct 18, 2012

I'm thinking about doing a dark background for the code blocks across the site. It would match the new header. What do you think?

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Oct 18, 2012

something out of place ?
my opinion is dark background, I think it's more suited to a dark theme of the site where they highlight the contrasting colors.
Maybe it's the color of the text that would appear highlighted with yellow color is opaque $rgb (255,155,55), dark red $rgb (205,0,0) and white
They approach good of soft colors like light pastel, a gray opaque green for example ...

In any case, how do you plan to do, the work is finished like this idea :)

Hawkee  -  Oct 18, 2012

There are quite a few sites that use a darker background for the code while the site maintains a white background. I'm still experimenting with it though.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Oct 18, 2012
Hawkee  -  Oct 18, 2012

I don't know about the purple there. I like the color of the text in this theme.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Oct 18, 2012

Color combinations could be endless LoL


Hawkee  -  Oct 18, 2012

Yes, I'd rather just stick with a theme that looks nice and works. It's a whole can of worms trying to adjust these colors.

Sorasyn  -  Oct 18, 2012

Looks good to be honest, it needs something to stand out from the rest of the page anyhow. Code's easily readable in that state anyway.

Abcdefmonkey  -  Oct 18, 2012

I like it. The code is much more easier to read with the way you have it done. Are you using colors and adjusting them based on the type of code? I may have loosely worded the question. :P

Stewie1k94  -  Oct 18, 2012

I like the idea, since it would make the codes stand out! :)

BlueThen  -  Oct 18, 2012

It would nicely compliment the toolbar, especially since the toolbar doesn't really match with anything else.

blackvenomm666  -  Oct 18, 2012

i like the darker theme a lot

KindOne  -  Oct 19, 2012

I like it.

[Plornt]  -  Oct 19, 2012

Like it better than the current. Looks like sublime text 2 editor.

Valware  -  Oct 19, 2012

You have my approval!

BigSteve  -  Oct 19, 2012

do eeeet :D

Hawkee  -  Oct 19, 2012

I'm working on a new layout for the snippet pages as well. I'm removing the navigation bar and making them the full width of the site. This should really help make the code more visible.

KilllerX  -  Oct 20, 2012

I would say maybe have multiple layouts, and in our preferences we are allowed to choose which one we like the best. So that no one cries and complains about a new lay out. This way, also people have something that can appeal to them more.

Hawkee  -  Oct 20, 2012

@KilllerX Interesting idea. I was considering allowing for minimal adjustments like Twitter does with the background color/image and font colors. This would definitely fit into that scope.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Oct 23, 2012

this is the best solution, which makes the site unique in its kind.

The 'visual appearance is strictly personal and is helpful in reading the code,
could confuse too many controls, so it's only fair to give everyone the opportunity to choose the background color and the text code.
If this is not enough to clarify the text, use the zoom + in your browser LoL

is a good idea Mr. Hawkee

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