N3M3S1S   -  Oct 16, 2012
Good news everyone! I have decided that my coding vacation is drawing to a close. Getting familiar with the newest version of mIRC so that I can update all my scripts for mIRC 7+ including YouTube, IRC Guard 5000 and a snippet version of the PM Blocker from the mIRC DeluXe Lost Version. (That one is by request) On top of some new stuff that I am brainstorming on now, including a new, better RPGenerator, and some surprises.
N3M3S1S  -  Oct 16, 2012

P.S. As for another full mIRC script, I do not plan on making one in the foreseeable future, I am going to focus on snippets and other add-ons for the time being. Any full mIRC projects won't be started or considered until 2013 is underway.

Keep you all posted!

Hawkee  -  Oct 16, 2012

Why not get into a new language like Java or even node.js? Always good to keep up with current technology.

N3M3S1S  -  Oct 16, 2012

I've also been considering this, just haven't decided what language to use. For the moment, I'm going to take care of what my followers have asked of me with mIRC then who knows what I'll do. ;)

Sorasyn  -  Oct 16, 2012

coughJAVAcough ;)

With Launch4J you can create just about anything with Java. Turn class files into executable JAR files, turn JAR files into executables through code converters, applets, etc. :D

N3M3S1S  -  Oct 17, 2012

I will consider this. :)

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