wazer commented on a Page, RSS IRC Newstracker bot script v4 with gui by wazer  -  Oct 06, 2012

@unforgiving like i said your not using my script.... Your using someones else if you have those errors.

This is a test that i just did a few minutes ago.

(16:39:57) (@usert) TorrentFreak Republicans Run Pirate Bay Skyscraper Ad Campaign - http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Torrentfreak/~3/7P28kESv33w/ TorrentFreak
(16:40:00) (@usert) TorrentFreak Why Activism Is Necessary, But Isn’t Enough To Save Net Liberty - http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Torrentfreak/~3/OFCuIFIe3KE/ TorrentFreak
(16:42:00) (@usert) TorrentFreak Mediacom Disconnects and Bans Alleged Internet Pirates - http://feedproxy. 1000 google.com/~r/Torrentfreak/~3/OXueYQUKGuc/ TorrentFreak

Besides that the rss you provided is broken anyways use this one..


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