unforgiving commented on a Page, RSS IRC Newstracker bot script v4 with gui by wazer  -  Oct 06, 2012

wazer, my betanews rss is not working anymore, but I still have the problem using with torrentfreak's rss,

[15:08:17] ::TorrentFreak:: RIAA Targets Foreign Music Download Portals <![CDATA[The RIAA has obtained subpoenas from the U.S. District Court of Columbia ordering WHOIS privacy services to hand over the IP and email addre... - http://torrentfreak.com/?p=57994

[15:16:37] ::TorrentFreak:: Republicans Run Pirate Bay Skyscraper Ad Campaign <![CDATA[With millions of users every day The Pirate Bay is an ideal site to reach tech savvy people all around the world. The power of this online p... - http://torrentfreak.com/?p=58084

15:16:40] ::TorrentFreak:: Canadian Government ‘Sponsored’ The Pirate Bay <![CDATA[Like many other websites on the Internet The Pirate Bay makes its money from ads. Due to its reputation th... - http://torrentfreak.com/?p=57809

take a look, it keep showing the <![CDATA[.

rss url: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Torrentfreak

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