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^WeSt created a Page  -   1 hour 58 mins ago

This module let you search in soundcloud.com for the given sound and all the results that will be found will output into the channel or the user with private notice depending in the command that you enter, you can also change the settings from this module from the Menubar or via (/wss_sets) command.

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LeviPMoody created a Page  -   6 hours 37 mins ago

To know more about, please Visit our website.

deanalynn94 created a Page  -  2 days ago

This is a Nickname Tracker. It tracks nicks associated with the same IP. I did NOT create this, I am posting it for a friend to copy correctly. Thanks.

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deanalynn94 created a Page  -  4 days ago

A simple edit I did of a Warning script for mIRC, changed it to provide help messages. You can alter messages as you wish.

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QueenElsa created a Page  -  6 days ago
1 22 

This is a simple modification to the Hidden User ( +Dm ) Delay voice (Undernet) by Xpl0reR. Today's flood bots sometimes stick around to get voiced by the original Dm script. My modification to this script will generate a random code, and request the user return said code to prove that they are human. To use this script, copy it into your remotes section, then right click in a channel and select..

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^WeSt created a Page  -  8 days ago

This manager is going to make your mIRC or your Bot a bit more customable in order to install your own module easy just with ONE CLICK, the manager also gives you the ability to unistall an already installed module or also to re-install it, also the most powerfull think that this manager has is to checking for any available modules that are in the modules list if anyone of them want an update and place..

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Bort created a Page  -  10 days ago

I like the idea of this script: http://hawkee.com/snippet/9986/ and I made my own version

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notK created a Page  -  12 days ago

;Copy and paste this into your remotes

notK created a Page  -  13 days ago

;Copy and paste this directly into your popups.ini

notK created a Page  -  13 days ago

%bxl BitchX-1.2-final %bx2 BitchX: %crkk 10(15c10)15rk: %dom network %end off %fkban on %pref 14:10:11: %pref2 10(15c10)rk15/bX: %qbx 15[BX]: %qflood on %sec 2 %servertime Current Server Time: %shitlist 1 %srs 10::: %srs2 10(15c10)rackrock\BitchX v1.2 for mIRC ...it's an addiction %srs3 10(15c10)rackrock\BitchX v1.2 for mIRC ...it's an addiction %srs4 10(15c10)rackrock\BitchX v1.2 for mIRC ...it's..

notK created a Page  -  13 days ago

/ad /say 10(15c10)rackrock\BitchX v1.2 for mIRC is out now! http://http://hawkee.com/snippet/16952/ /b /ban $$1 2 /b2 /ban $$1 3 /b3 /ban $$1 4 /banepost /say banepost: $read texts\banepost.txt /bane /banepost /bp /banepost /bunny /play texts\bunny.txt /ca /clearall /chat /dcc chat $1 /cl /clear /cm /close -m /comeatmebro /play texts\comeatmebro.txt /ct /close -m | /clearall /devoice /mode # -vvv $$1..

notK created a Page  -  13 days ago
Ryano69 created a Page  -  16 days ago

Nickserv !seen and Database, Redundant. works for Dalnet Best used for private channels, or if you don't want to share !seen data between channels.

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illhawkthat created a Page  -  17 days ago
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OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  18 days ago
1 69 

I think it's a usefull script for an IRC channel! Have fun tracking earthquakes! Share the link if you share this script! Don't remove the adv message if you'd like! -OrFeAsGr- (The site that is usedfor this script is http://earthquaketrack.com )

Nucloid93 created a Page  -  22 days ago

I put together a simple StreamTip script for my Twitch bot. This is using streamtip query string APi.

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informkilioooo created a Page  -  24 days ago

-- Skrypt nie jest mój . -- Użyj I , J , K , L do kontroli ! Oraz H do mocy specjalnej i O do zabicia i zrespienia . -- Insert your victim's name (person who you would like to move) here without removing the quotation marks. doll="Informkilioo" -- Insert YOUR name here without removing the quotation marks. god = "Informkilioo" -- That's it! You can now run the script and troll people!

Bort created a Page  -  27 days ago

This is an old script that I wrote.

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Almost_Paradise created a Page  -  Apr 21, 2016
1 10 

okay this is modified to fit in a bot and let all users in a room access to send drinks to other users It needs some of the $2's changes to 3 4 and 5's accorded to which word in the command is the intended recipient. I wasn't paying close attention when I modified so I have since fixed mine I'll include that copy.

notK created a Page  -  Apr 17, 2016

(c)rackrock/BitchX v1.2 for mIRC

biase created a Page  -  Apr 14, 2016

A Simple Shoutcast Bot using $com. This code will announce to channels will check the song name every 3 seconds and will announce the channels when the song changed.

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OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2016
2 164 

Hello! This is an IRC Game Script! Remember the classic guessing games where the bot selects a random number and you try to guess it?? Well! Time for a change, don't you think? This Bot Script will ask you to select a number from 1 to 7 and will try to guess it! As more users play the bot will become "smarter" and guess right more times than wrong! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::v0.3..

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biase created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2016

A Simple IP Whois using $com. With this alias, you can still use /whois command to whois a nickname

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Sashka created a Page  -  Apr 04, 2016

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

Torres126 created a Page  -  Apr 01, 2016

Have you ever wanted to stop someone from using your mIRC bot, but not ban them completely from the channel? This script lets you do so. Operators (@s) and above can use this script to ensure someone can't use the bot, and then unban them when they feel that the time is right.

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Torres126 created a Page  -  Mar 29, 2016
2 230 

This is a mIRC "spin" script which has colours, different options and can be customised.

OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Mar 27, 2016
1 118 

So this is all i had to explain! Here's the script!

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OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Mar 26, 2016
1 47 

This script was an idea of the user Mythos in mIRC Forums! He made a first version and asked help for improving it! Post: http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/252669/Re:_Grammar_script.#Post252669 This is what i came up with. It's a little all over the place but it works fast enough. I may update it later but i'm not sure.

mrpotato44 created a Page  -  Mar 24, 2016
1 21 

Completely random BasketBall Script when you type !basket

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mrpotato44 created a Page  -  Mar 22, 2016

Solved! This code is used to join channels on Twitch using !join. Thanks to Afterburn1000 for the help!

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