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AshtonTayler created a Page  -   2 hours 26 mins ago

Online games are becoming one of many newest and many popular selections for many online gamers. These fast paced games offer both scary and exciting scenarios for players of nearly every age. Most of these online games offer incredible graphics that truly suck you to the game. Be careful though, these games is so addictive that hours may pass when you realize what are you doing.

kevinpaul124 created a Page  -   5 hours 47 mins ago

Online Super P Force is a standout amongst the most imperative medications as far as erectile treatment drug, however with a turn. Not at all like the typical medication that comes as a pharmaceutical, are Super P Force pills. Online Super P Force 100mg ought to be put under the tongue where it gets broke down in the spit rather quick. Super P Force 100mg is one of only a handful few medication that..

wyattadrian12 created a Page  -   5 hours 59 mins ago

Nominations are being accepted for the Prosecutor of the Year Award sponsored by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

OrFeAsGr created a Page  -   12 hours 33 mins ago

Hello there! I know what you're thinking! There's a pretty damn good and famous IMDB script out there! Well i agree. But i was searching for a movie and the internet lead me to this site and i just had to make a script! That plus i haven't scripted anything for weeks and i wrote this one in 10 minutes and it worked in the 1st test! USAGE:

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Apryl created a Page  -  2 days ago

Edit: I've figured it out. No longer need help. Thanks anyway.

NoreII created a Page  -  19 days ago
1 152 

All you need :) Screens

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Sashka created a Page  -  25 days ago
1 117 

mIRC Korona Script 14.3 (Build: 399)

raccoon created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2016
1 45 

Here are two Windows .cmd batch file scripts that will enable you to make your removable flash drives read-only and writeable again.

Kevin_mIRC created a Page  -  Sep 26, 2016

on 1:text:!wrijft:#:{ /msg # $nick wrijft door de wilde haartjes van $2 tot $2 begint te spinnen van plezier! | return } on 1:text:!mosterd:#:{ /msg # $nick spuit in de richting van $2 de mosterd $2 begint te schelden | return } on 1:text:!mep:#:{ /msg # $nick geeft een onaangename mep aan $2 tot $2 ineens begint te huilen van de pijn | return } on 1:text:!efteling:#:{ /msg # $nick zou best wel een..

DaNzO created a Page  -  Sep 19, 2016
2 63 

Hello - I'm using this Channel Statistics Code below, What I'm looking to add to it is a !top10 command that would list the top 10 channels with the most totl number of lines saved in wherever the script saves it.

RD created a Page  -  Sep 14, 2016
1 110 

This script kicks the person that are flooding in the channel with 5 lines in 5 seconds, it don't give a ban but a kick.

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bassrocks created a Page  -  Sep 10, 2016
2 126 

All of your nick alerts in a window

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c0z created a Page  -  Sep 10, 2016
1 60 

Hi everyone, I have a doubt and I was wondering if someone could help me. The font I use on my MIRC is Courier New and I would like to change the font of some events to Tahoma, to have different fonts for different events.

bassrocks created a Page  -  Sep 09, 2016
2 113 

Dark-colored theme for mIRC. Adds in five utilities: query control, clone detector, kicks/bans tracker, nick alert tracker, and away nick changer. Opens a control window, if you close it just type /bfw and it'll open it back up.

RD created a Page  -  Sep 09, 2016
1 136 

With this script you can automatically send a message in the channel, every 3600 seconds (1 hour) a message will appear.

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RD created a Page  -  Sep 09, 2016
1 54 

When you have a status in the channel and someone in the team kicks you, then you return automatically back in the channel and kickt the person who kickt you.

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RD created a Page  -  Sep 09, 2016
1 54 

With this script you can put yourself on -v and +v when you type -v or +v in the chat.

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Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 08, 2016
1 117 

This script is for Undernet irc network

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bassrocks created a Page  -  Sep 07, 2016
1 135 

So this script adds in seven utilities to mIRC: my away nick script, custom kicks, oper right click menu, kicks & bans tracker, hugs returner, a whois window, and a nick alert. More info on each below.

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Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 04, 2016
1 117 

Update: 2016.09.10

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Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 02, 2016
2 150 

Update: 2016.09.02

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c0z created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2016
1 53 

This is an User List using an .ini file. It add it perfectly but on join doesn't want to read it. can anyone help me finish it and make the on join read it?

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OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2016
2 134 

So recently ThePirateBay started using Cloudfare to protect its self from DDOS attacks. The browser calculates the wanted response to verify that it's not trying to attack the server by overloading it. This calculation needs to use complex algorithms that are way over my level. So if you can help i'd appreciate it! I think the answer is somewhere in here:

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DoruMolnar created a Page  -  Aug 16, 2016
2 176 

I did a new script for you guys That script is for BNC's Relay Bot

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raccoon created a Page  -  Aug 14, 2016
4 182 

Because odds are people just aren't paying attention to anything you say. Add this snippet to your Aliases.

bassrocks created a Page  -  Aug 13, 2016
2 107 

Hi, first script I've posted on here... This script allows you to input an away nick, away msg, and turn it on/off via right click menu.

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raccoon created a Page  -  Aug 13, 2016
5 263 

Become the envy of your friends and enemies! Adored by fans; Promoted by ops! Add this snippet to your Aliases.

Driver1985 created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2016
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blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2016
1 141 

This is my mp3 player standard features such as play pause stop repeat 1 song repeat all songs and shuffle, has two tabs one for the songs the other for spam options to add folders of music to the player click file then directory then add

MaDMAn01 created a Page  -  Jul 31, 2016
1 75 

Anyone can help me with this script? It needs to connect to my znc channels with 10 or 20 seconds delay between connections. like i now have it setup it connects to all the channels at the same time but with 20 secs delay to connect and i want it to connect to the channels one after one but with 20 secs delay.

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