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Ablekie created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2014

A very useful birthday script that I found some where else. Author unknown. If it is one of you, thanks is excellent script lacking only one routine. Hope some one can help with: I have tried on my own but no can do. All I really need is a routine like where I can delete the nick information in the ini file.

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Vegito created a Page  -  Aug 25, 2014
Weldon created a Page  -  Aug 25, 2014

Full Nicklist commands for Chanserv, Operserv, MemoServ, BotServ, HostServ and Janus A friend wanted me to make one of these to where he can be as lazy as possible...Well here it is, enjoy :)

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evilMonkey created a Page  -  Aug 20, 2014
HeyThatsMatthew- created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2014

Hi i need help putting a limit on how many tickets a user can buy. For ex. they buy 10 tickets but they can continue to use the command to buy more i need it so that 10 tickets is the maximum tickets they can buy. thanks in advance

Tozino created a Page  -  Aug 15, 2014

The bop command, i can't get right about the last one, which involves to prevent any viewers to use and get bopped in 5 second as warning, can you help me about that? thanks in advance

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blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 09, 2014

This snippet is functional as is but i plan to use more basically it's for chatspace chats when someone brings clones on it will scan every nick on the server check if it's regged or not and if it isn't regged it will kill them off the server just type /unregkill to start it. Obviously must be oper or admin to use this

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Lozo created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2014

Requested script snippet by Truk, very interesting question

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2014

This is a snippet that will allow you to have a three way chat with people privately,instead of in a channel. Just right click in the nicklist/channel and click threewaychat. It will pop up asking you who you want to threewaychat with it's pretty self explanatory anyone finds bugs or needs help with it just let me know. input scripts can mess with this if you try to use it turn them off. also you have..

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Sjoepele created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2014

[final result in comments] Ive been doodling with link protection for a while since the ones posted here dont work for me on twitch.tv. They seem inconsistent and although the code looks good, it doesnt always do what its supposed to do. So, i decided to write my very first script from scratch (so please bare with me :P) I'm sure there's someone who can tell me how to merge the 'domain pods' into..

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DEATHJ0KER created a Page  -  Aug 02, 2014

This code uses the dcx.dll. It allows you to attach images to your desktop, animated images, web controls without a frame. With this method it is possible to animate your controls using transparent dialogs that display the animated drawing or text directly overlay the applications running on the desktop, making it visible in the foreground. Overlap several controls, dialogs or window styles to get..

nicklvlup2001 created a Page  -  Jul 31, 2014

why wont my points timer work i want it so there is 5 points added to thier account when they stay in the channel for 2 minutes

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kaalemm created a Page  -  Jul 30, 2014

if you Looking for somebody xD

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LewisNewson created a Page  -  Jul 29, 2014

Hey Guys, I am working on a small rank system for my Twitch Channel. Basically, here it pulls the users amount of points from the file they are stored in and checks to see if they are less than 47, if they are, then the message "TESTING" if printed out in chat. For some reason, this is not working for me and even though the user has under 47 points, no message is printed out in chat, could someone..

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dcease created a Page  -  Jul 24, 2014

Basically the Script only works for mods/Broadcaster, yesterday I sat for an entire hour messing with the Roulette trying to fix brackets etc. But only came this far with this result. Basically I think the script works fine just not for user level and only mod/broadcaster level.

nchalon created a Page  -  Jul 23, 2014

For a personal project i needed to have a quick and easy system to save settings from a JFrame to preferences node using jdk preference api.

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Snes_Nerd created a Page  -  Jul 23, 2014

I'm wanting to make the bot be able to post multiple lines with a delay in between. So it could be like.

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B1uscr34m created a Page  -  Jul 23, 2014

Usage: /mccheck $nick Checks if someone has Minecraft Premium

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B1uscr34m created a Page  -  Jul 23, 2014

Hey awesome coders. I need a script that reads that Webpage (resilience.krispdev.com/Rerererencedonatorsx789) for the nicks on the end of a line [after the BITCHEZBECRAYCRAY123WAYOVER30CHAR] . and checks if $nick is in that nicks. so i can make donator exclusive commands like !votekick.

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Alex_TNT created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2014

Currently it reads the text.txt at random and it displays on a channel

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chudders1231 created a Page  -  Jul 18, 2014

here i have a points script and a few others all in one! I need to add a raffle system to this points system to allow to open a raffle with !giveaway new then to enter people do !raffle and it minuses 50 points to enter and if they dont have 50 points is says you dont have enough points to enter this raffle! Also it doesnt count if someone uses !raffle twice and it says you have alwready entered this..

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Vegito created a Page  -  Jul 16, 2014

This script checks every 30 secs if your desired nick(s) has dropped. If desired nick(s) is dropped, then this script auto registers it.

illhawkthat created a Page  -  Jul 12, 2014

;Simple Vote / Poll System v1.0 ;Made by nick1 ;Last edit July 13 2014 ;For help/setup type /newpoll in mIRC

BuxXray created a Page  -  Jul 12, 2014


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BambiFocus created a Page  -  Jul 10, 2014

Hey there! I recently tried to create my own twitch bot. What I've got so far is a points system. You can check your points with !points. Mods can you !points add|remove [Number] depending if you want to grant or remove points. For every 5 minutes you stay in the chat you earn 1 point. Now I need help by someone that knows how to code a bot. I need to create a rank system were if you have for example..

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cakeeg312 created a Page  -  Jul 10, 2014

I was trying to make a little command to say were having technical difficulties, and for some odd reason, it does not work. I looked over it several times and am really stumped on what error i might have made. I am very accepting of adjustments and comments. Thank you for you time <3

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ThyGaming created a Page  -  Jul 08, 2014

I am literally brand spanking new to this. I don't have much experience in any background behind this so I imagine that most of my code here is broken. Almost to no repair. However, if anyone can look over what I got and/or give me pointers inbetween my [ ], that would be lovely. Thanks and sorry for the waste of time that is about to ensue.

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cadanj created a Page  -  Jul 01, 2014

Hello, i need little help with my twitch mirc bot. I was already watching and reading lot of topics but i cant find solution. My point system is working and writing data to Points.ini . Only think what i am looking for is to add command !pointlist and want to get back something like: bot: Hello, there is list of points (nick 5 points, nick2 4 points, nick3 3 points)

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Xaphos created a Page  -  Jul 01, 2014

My current theme. Work in Progress.

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TheTimeWinder created a Page  -  Jul 01, 2014

So i want a command so when people do !join it will join their channel, if they are using the command in my bots chat, so i tried the code bellow but when i used !join, it would join #thetimewinderthetimewinder. how can i make it so it joins the users channel?

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