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JamesBond created a Page  -  Feb 10, 2017
Arigateaux created a Page  -  Feb 09, 2017

From a recommendation by Jamie on, I created /hswap. It's a little weird how I have it set up for a part of it, but the rest works like it should. Feedback is encouraged, since I don't know if I want to keep the optional swap info. It basically works one of two ways:

Arigateaux created a Page  -  Feb 09, 2017

Needed a way to move one item over from a different table so I created this. Pretty self-explanatory.

manish17 created a Page  -  Feb 08, 2017

Playing cards is always fun , so here comes a new card game made by me : Alpha Cards. The game is played between three players and as of now , it works good. Please comment if you find any bug.

emppuluoma created a Page  -  Feb 07, 2017

Discount Coupons On Foods - The way Helps Save On Monthly Expenses

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JamesBond created a Page  -  Feb 05, 2017

hallo allemaal hier heb ik een eigen massa voice script opgebouwd

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Protheus created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2017
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JamesBond created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2017

hallo iedereen dit script kan de mensen automatich iemand rechten en|of voice geven als hij/zij binnen komt auto owner/eigenaar auto protect auto op auto halfop/dj auto voice

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manish17 created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2017
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Hello , so the script lets you play cricket online in the chatroom . You can select up to 10 wickets and play with 2 players.

manish17 created a Page  -  Jan 27, 2017
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Moderating channels might be a tough job . You might have to face situations where you make some people staff and when you are away, they misuse their powers by kicking/banning innocent people. But here is an awesome bot script that will let you moderate your channel using simple commands and moreover, it will also let you track your channel . By tracking channel , I mean that it will allow you to..

JamesBond created a Page  -  Jan 25, 2017

hallo allemaal hier heb ik joun counter aangemaakt de bot telt alle chatters die in jou kanaal zullen binnen komen, bevoorbeeld: [15:14:12] Welkom in #home James je bent bezoeker 101 dit is de 14e keer dat je hier bent. Vandaag zijn er al 1 mensen binnen gekomen [15:14:12] vandaag zijn we 25/01/2017 De huidige tijd is 21:14:12 we wensen jou veel chatplezier verder Geniet van uw verblijf!!!

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JamesBond created a Page  -  Jan 22, 2017
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hallo allemaal dit chanstats script met enkele update's de volgende commando's zijn: !chanstats !regels nick en !woordenstats enkel de #kanaal operators en hoger kunnen dit script gebruiken

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Majstorov created a Page  -  Jan 18, 2017

TV Program sa Krstarice.

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Majstorov created a Page  -  Jan 18, 2017

Vremenska prognoza za skoro sve gradove u Srbiji. Skripta svlaci sa sajta

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Degausser created a Page  -  Jan 17, 2017
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Blackjack Race is a channel based multiplayer game, supporting up to your standard 7 players.

OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Jan 16, 2017

Hey! This was requested by a user on mIRC forums. Load this in a clean mIRC remote and input your twitch channel name where it says INPUT_CHAN_HERE The checking will start when mIRC starts or in case you don't want to restart you can execute the command /decapi to toggle it on or off. Enjoy!

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JamesBond created a Page  -  Jan 14, 2017

hallo hier heb ik een chatbot script aangemaakt wil jij je eigen chatbot in je kanaal dan kan jij dit scipt in je mirc zetten dit werkt 100% de volgende commando's zijn: !owner nick !deowner nick !protect nick !deprotect nick !op nick !deopnick !halfop nick !dehalfop nick !voice nick !devoice nick +v -v !kick nick !ban nick !kb nick !unban nick

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JamesBond created a Page  -  Jan 14, 2017

dit script kan je helpen om mensen owner, protect, operator, en voice, te plaatsen en je kan ook de chatters hun statuts weg halen deowner, deprotect, deop, devoice je klik juist op een nicknaam en rechter muisklik in de balk waar de chatters staan ik wens je veel plezier met dit script

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Protheus created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2017
Protheus created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2017
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My whois raws to match my theme.

Protheus created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2017
biase created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2017

A simple non-socket info, created using $com for socket haters. It will trigger when a user paste a url with or whitout 'http://'.

EricaTigress created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2017

I'm proud of some of my programming, but I will admit that this is rough. This is Cards Against Humanity. I know that there are websites for playing CAH online with people, but I have several blind friends who use computer software to read everything on the screen (it's called Jaws) but that software does not work with those websites. They CAN, however, use IRC... so I wrote this to be able to play..

manish17 created a Page  -  Jan 03, 2017

Updated :- v.1.3 : Added Auto-Correct feature, to help you with wrong spellings.

OrFeAsGr created a Page  -  Dec 31, 2016
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This mIRC script will check for the latest famous people that died. To enable/disable the checking simply execute /dpscheck There's more to it though! Users can also use a text command to see the 5 latest deaths or the people that have died in the past 60 years this time of year. For latest deaths type: !dps And for people that have died in the past 60 years this time of year type:..

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xfisthebest created a Page  -  Dec 27, 2016

hello, i wanted to make a request regarding a script which, writes user hostname or ip in a file, then match all users when they join or leave again, if the hostname matches any of the user who joined from the file, the client opens a window lke *Host Match and show the usernames of that user from which he was active before and from which he is active now.

EricaTigress created a Page  -  Dec 24, 2016

This bot is basically like an old tamagotchi or nano pet. This bot is basically a neko (catgirl), which is why it uses the litterbox and can speak english. The bot's name is Kitty, if you wish to use a different name you must edit the name in various places in the code. FEEL FREE to modify and improve this and repost it. The bot gets hungry, bored, and sick. You can give it food, if it likes the food,..

Alex Magana created a Page  -  Dec 22, 2016

on *:TEXT:!ngift:#:{ set %ninjagift $rand(1,4) if (%ninjagift == 1) { msg # 0,2Rikushiku ka Kid Safe-ish Ninja Gear Gift Set, $nick $+ !} if (%ninjagift == 2) { msg # 0,2Rikushiku ka Ninja Blowgun Gift Set, $nick $+ !! } if (%ninjagift == 3) { msg # 0,2Rikushiku ka Ninja Climbing Gear Gift Set, $nick $+ ! } if (%ninjagift == 4) { msg # 0,2Rikushiku ka Ninja Nunchuck Gift Set, $nick $+! } if (%ninjagift..

^WeSt created a Page  -  Dec 22, 2016
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This module let you trying to resolve the given parameter and any results that will be found will output into the channel or the user with private notice depending in the command that you enter, you can also change the settings from this module from the Menubar or via /wdr_sets command.

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