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manish17xxx created a Page  -  11 days ago

Here are a few functions that I created which will probably help you out.

pwnflakes created a Page  -  20 days ago

mINFO is a system information script for mIRC comprised of a dll written with C/C++ and a MRC script. I decided to create it due to a popular script (darkengine) being no longer maintained. I started by cloning darkengine's functionality completely and going from there. Credit to "aprentice", the original creator of that project. I started this project in 2012, forgot about it, went back and finished..

simo created a Page  -  22 days ago

i forgot who the author was of this else i would have mentioned

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rebel9 created a Page  -  22 days ago

Pastes what you have in your clipboard (ctrl+c) with color for various chars, mainly for posting code in IRC for readability purposes.

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rebel9 created a Page  -  24 days ago

Displays the current price of BTC/ETH/LTC/PPC. Works with SReject's JSONForMirc

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CrazyDriver created a Page  -  25 days ago
simo created a Page  -  27 days ago

This will check for bad channel on join and set ban on all channels you have access like: chanOP this saves u the trouble if they join on another of ur channels to start all over again

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CrazyDriver created a Page  -  27 days ago

Here I am with a different kind of script and yes I know there are so many different bar scripts out there but I decided to make one that is randomised and added how many items there is beside the commands.

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manish17xxx created a Page  -  May 24, 2017

Rules to play - There are 4 boxes with a certain number of gems (chosen randomly). When your turn comes, you can pick a maximum of 3 number of gems from any box. Your task is to force your opponent to pick the last remaining gem.

simo created a Page  -  May 22, 2017

this will get rid of mass nick changes on channel and also will check for irccloud host and ban appropriately

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manish17xxx created a Page  -  May 19, 2017
[85] created a Page  -  May 18, 2017

This source code was written originally by "Patje", but with a few DNSBL bases, some was outdated. I added new DNSBL bases who are on my Eggdrop to watch which one DNSBL base Gzline innocent ppls with real IPs.

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simo created a Page  -  May 16, 2017

Most modern updated IRCD's have all kinds of features to prevent mass joins some dont tho and those that have usually only lock channel if mass joins detected not removing mass joiners therefor this code might be some sort of solution for that part

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dronez4 created a Page  -  May 14, 2017
1 131 

Hi guys so i'm making a simple command line game, i've finished making a standard one, theres so much more to add but for now i'll show you what its like.

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Bacon_Space created a Page  -  May 11, 2017

Hi I'm Back on Hawkee And i Need your Help Guys would you be Willing to see if im doing this right

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simo created a Page  -  May 11, 2017

this detects repeats in channel and sets kick bans unlike most ircds today wich only have channel lock option to tackle this yet leave the repeaters in the channels wich is not effective this script gets rid of them it sets range bans to prevent them using another range from the ip/host they are using as most likely these kind of floods are done using proxied / vpn alike IPS

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simo created a Page  -  May 09, 2017
1 60 

this will scann channel for paterns in nicks and get rid of them

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SoLoMaNXX created a Page  -  May 07, 2017
1 24 

this mod is for Channel Guardian Socket Bot the mod is called alice.mod i dont know why its not working any more .. the website is still running with the same port can anyone fix it please ? thank you

MDTech-us_MAN created a Page  -  May 06, 2017
1 64 

A simple script the will block the CTCP Version reply.

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Protheus created a Page  -  May 03, 2017
1 54 

This based on shideezhi's code ( I simply added the trigger for the bot, and some formatting to fit my theme.

simo created a Page  -  Apr 20, 2017
1 60 

if you monitor multi channels and you want to synchronize ban settings on all channels you are on and have access to you can use these 2 events to check for ban setting in a channel and have them set on all channels u are on and have access to it will also match anyone matching banmask and remove from channel this may help manage channel and get rid of abuse

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Charlatan created a Page  -  Apr 19, 2017
1 60 

Easy Caps and Punctuation Protection without warning... Never use it because is a really stupid protection.. Use it or rip it, do whatever you want..

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simo created a Page  -  Apr 19, 2017
3 88 

this checks for bad / nick / ident and host and bans the bad part (with wildcard to prevent evade) as well as bans host to prevent rejoin as most likely they didn't drop by for a cup of tea

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xorc created a Page  -  Apr 19, 2017
1 44 

v2 Signal polling microsoft.xmlhttp (COM): Calls microsoft.xmlhttp comobject asynchronous and dispatches a signal to check the result, which if isn't done yet signals itself again until the response is received, then calls the provided callback when the contents is written to disk.

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Sashka created a Page  -  Apr 18, 2017
2 219 

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

simo created a Page  -  Apr 15, 2017
2 38 

this removes regular banmask set on irccloud users and replaces with ident ban since many irccloud users have clone hosts ( some actually have uid in host as well but since some dont i decided to make this small code that bans ident instead since all irccloud users have UID in ident )

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Charlatan created a Page  -  Apr 07, 2017
1 66 

My old Protection used for MSN and Buzzen..... Take it, Rip it and use whatever you want of it.

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Charlatan created a Page  -  Apr 03, 2017

This is my old access list.. You can use this list Global or Local. Global: Activated in all channels the mirc is it. Local: You has to choose what channel going to be activated. This list got a local ban list you has to specify what channels you want the ban list or not. Watch out with the channel scan commands if this script scan or if a nick text in the channel and the Ban List is activated in that..

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[85] created a Page  -  Apr 02, 2017
1 275 Put this in mIRC Popups menu, in status. Tested on: /server -m -j #IRC

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rockcavera created a Page  -  Mar 30, 2017
1 49 
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