'You PC is dead!' Fun script

By Yama on Jul 20, 2013

I was inspired from a random comment on a blog to make this script. I laughed so hard that I had to make it for mIRC, too.
And I know that it is supposed to be 'Your'.

The script only kills explorer.exe and shows a error within 15 minutes after mIRC start.
Screenshot on my blog: http://blog.yamahi.eu/you-pc-is-dead

    on *:start: {
      .timerkill 1 $rand(960,1260) /pcdead

    alias /pcdead {
      /run taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
      /return $input(You PC is dead.,o,Error)


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Savage_CL   -  Aug 09, 2013

Alright, so I know the point is to be mirthful and not have any real use, but isn't it a little silly, considering you would have to somehow get your target to load a script that spells out "you PC is dead."? You might find this useful, too:

; ascii numbers, space delimited, converted to string
alias a2s {
  ; define our variables
  var %ceiling = $0,%iterator = 1,%string,%number
  ; get through the numbers
  while (%iterator <= %ceiling) {
    ; what is our number?
    %number = $ [ $+ [ %iterator ] ]
    ; is it actually a number? if not, just quit now.
    if (%number !isnum) { return $false }
    ; We're here? good! It's a number
    ; add the corresponding character to the string, replacing spaces with something outrageous to keep track of them later
    %string = %string $+ $chr($iif(%number == 32,12345,$v1))
    ; move on
    inc %iterator
  ; we have our built string with the replaced spaces. Let's change those back and wrap this show up
  %string = $replace(%string,$chr(12345),$chr(32))
  if ($isid) {
    return %string
  echo -a %string

; string to ascii numbers, string delimited.
alias s2a {
  ; set the variables
  var %ceiling = $len($1-),%iterator = 1,%string
  ; get through each character in the string
  while (%iterator <= %ceiling) {
    ; add the next number
    %string = %string $asc($mid($1-,%iterator,1))
    ; move on
    inc %iterator
  ; we have our numbers, let's wrap things up!
  if ($isid) {
    return %string
  echo -a %string

Oh, also, you don't need the "/" at the beginning of each line in the alias, as evident by my snippet above.

Yama  -  Aug 17, 2013

I know that I don't need to use "/", but I'm used to it^^
Hm... I don't get what your code should do.

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