Bot About Script

By Fumph on Jun 23, 2013

Use !About in your channel to see useful information about your bot.

Make sure to add the link to your source file

Add support for multiple files

alias -l config.source { return /* Your bot's source file here    E.g. src/Main.ini    */ }
on *:TEXT:!About:#:{
     msg $chan Lines of Code: $lines($config.source) $chr(124) Created: $asctime($file($config.source).ctime, mmm dd yyyy) $chr(124) File Size: $bytes($file($config.source).size,k).suf $chr(124) Last Updated: $asctime($file($config.source).mtime)


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Yawhatnever   -  Jun 25, 2013

I think you mean

alias -l config.source ...

Either that, or

msg $chan Lines of Code: $lines($$$config.source) ...
Fumph  -  Jun 25, 2013


Savage_CL  -  Aug 09, 2013

two $ ($$config.source) will require the identifier return a non-false (not null, 0, or some such) string.

Yawhatnever  -  Aug 09, 2013

His original code was

 alias -l $config.source ...

The only way to access that alias is with $$$config.source, but he was using $config.source in the rest of the code.

Savage_CL  -  Aug 09, 2013

Ah, well even so, it's better he know than not know >.>

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