Channel flags problem

By Nuker on Jun 13, 2013

Hello ,i'm a beginner here and i got a problem.
In the irc server i'm, the flag i got is : " ~ " not the OP " @ " and so the " isop " doesnt work with me

Need some help here please.

on 1:TEXT:!h *:#MyChan:{
  ;if the user is an operator in #MyChan
  if ($nick isop $chan) {
    mode $chan +h $2


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Nuker   -  Jun 13, 2013

And have some way to instead the isop , i insert a dir to a file where are a user list that have acess to that ?

TochA1551  -  Jun 13, 2013

If u want to enable this command only for people who are ~ on ur channel it will looks so:

on 1:TEXT:!h *:#MyChan:{
if ($nick(#,$nick,~)) {
mode $chan +h $2

Yawhatnever  -  Jun 14, 2013

I'm not sure if $nick(,,~&@%+) uses the PREFIX setting or if it has built in replacements for aohvr. Since that's sort of an undocumented behavior you could also use

if (~ isin $remove($nick(#, $nick).pnick, $nick))
Nuker  -  Jun 14, 2013

I try out this two codes and no one works , thanks for all , if someone can help me , i ill be glad

Yawhatnever  -  Jun 14, 2013

If they didn't work then you did something wrong. What did you try exactly?

If you want real-time help you should try an mIRC help channel such as #mSL on I'm sure there's something similar on any popular network. /list mirc should work.

Nuker  -  Jun 14, 2013

I did everything right, in remote section, blah blah blah , but i can´t get it work in anyway , i got some commands and work all well, the problem is when i try to give level ( ~/@/%/....) for execute , the bot simple don't respond to any command i input like you say, only works that way is down , adding users and levels of 1 - 100 .

My irc server is a normal one , like quakenet . I try and try, maybe the problem is me , i'm a newbie .

I don't know where is the problem because i'm the founder and the bot got OP "@" flag ..., give me some tips that i can have wrong for this don´t work , and thanks for all your kindness :)

code i use now:

Like that:
on $$100:TEXT:!h *:#MyChan:{ mode $chan +h $2

Yawhatnever  -  Jun 14, 2013

That's much different than your original post.

The '$' at the front specifies a regex match in the matchtext, which you aren't using. Two '$' is nonsense. Since you didn't wrap the expression with /slashes/, the match defaulted back to a wildcard match and just happens to still work.

on *:text:!h *:#MyChan:{
  if (~ isin $remove($nick(#, $nick).pnick, $nick)) {
  mode # +h $2

I wasn't suggesting that your server was the problem, I was suggesting that you get help in an mIRC help channel such as
/server -m 6667 -j #mSL
if you want real-time help.

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