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By H2O on Jun 02, 2013

I am on a server with flaky services. I have a script bot i want in control of my channel control. Tho i am having the worst of luck trying to get it set up. I know its going to be something obvious i am missing. Thank you in advance for your help!

on *:join:#channelname:{
  if ($nick==NametoOP){
    /op $Nick


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blackvenomm666   -  Jun 02, 2013

what kind of server are you on?

on *:join:#channelname:{
  if ($nick == NametoOP) {
    .mode # +o $Nick

and first thing you had no space between nametoop) and the { and you were missing a closing bracket and you had no spaces between $nick and the == and between ++ and nametoop.
try the one i posted

baloe12nl  -  Dec 22, 2013

can't you youse:

Syntax: /msg ChanServ AOP #chanal ADD nickname

in the chat window, if you are admin?

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