Smart mIRC Script

By Velosis on May 29, 2013

All you have to do is type !smart after copying this script into ur remotes.

on *:TEXT:!smart:#: 
Set %smart 
msg $chan   $nick  9,4is $r(1,1000) $+ % smart. Coool!


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blackvenomm666   -  May 29, 2013

this will not work if you add it to the script you are running. you must add this to a bot js

Velosis  -  Jun 01, 2013

Well, @blackvenomm666 ur partially right that this is to be used in the bot, but it works in remotes as well :/

blackvenomm666  -  Jun 02, 2013

you can't use the commands in an on text event yourself though. other people can but you cannot. also you are missing opening and closing brackets

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