Dynamic Topics - OverKill Script

By TMFKSOFT on May 02, 2013

I've been writing a new bot lately and decided I wanted to add a topic function, so I wrote a full dynamic topic system.
I know theres already scripts out there. but I dont care..


topic set/reset/update/append [value]

This topic script is going to be very fun to explain. Trust me.

  • The #topic set
    This command will allow you to set your custom variables. The topic is read from the custom variable 'pattern'
    Variables start with @ and can be any value you wish.
    Syntax: #topic set blah value
    When you set a var the topic is updated automatically.
    You can remove a var via #topic del var

  • The #topic reset
    This will clear ALL variables set for the topic. Pattern included.

  • The #topic update
    This will update the topic in the channel incase its been manually set.

  • The #topic append
    This will append data onto the issued var.
    Syntax: #topic append item value

Already I know there will be newbies reading the script. So heres some examples.

For a simple simple topic. I mean. SIMPLE.
Paste the following in the channel when the script is loaded:

topic set pattern @topic

topic set topic Some Topic here

now you can just use:

topic set topic Some topic here.

For an Advanced topic use the following:

topic set pattern @topic @divider @owner @verb @status @divider @static

topic set topic Welcome to my channel!

topic set divider -!-

topic set owner MyNick

topic set verb is

topic set status Online!

topic set static Visit Hawkee! http://hawkee.com/

Bear in mind, Variables can be anything. You're not restricted to the ones above. Patterns can be any length and more.
Experiment and have fun!


topic set status $iif(YourNick ison $chan,Online,Offline)

; Topic Script
on 1:TEXT:#topic*:#:{
  if ($nick isop $chan) {
    if ($2 == set) {
      writeini topics.ini $+($network,.,$chan) $3 $4-
      msg # Set $+(',$3,') to $(',$4-,')
      topic $chan $topicparse($readini(topics.ini,$+($network,.,$chan),pattern))
    else if ($2 == get) {
      msg # $3 = $topicget($3)
    else if ($2 == append) {
      writeini topics.ini $+($network,.,$chan) $3  $topicget($3) $4-
      msg # Appended $(',$4-,') to $+(',$3,')
    else if ($2 == reset) {
      msg # Cleared Topic Data for $chan
    else if ($2 == update) {
      topic $chan $topicparse($readini(topics.ini,$+($network,.,$chan),pattern))
alias topicparse {
  ; Now to parse this shizzle.
  var %ret
  var %pattern $1-
  var %i 1
  log 4 Parsing %pattern
  while (%i <= $calc($count(%pattern,$chr(32)) +1)) {
    echo Number %i / $count(%pattern,$chr(32)) - $gettok(%pattern,%i,32)
    if ($left($gettok(%pattern,%i,32),1) == @) {
      ; It's a var people.
      var %item $right($gettok(%pattern,%i,32),-1)
      var %value $topicget(%item)
      echo $gettok(%pattern,%i,32) IS a VAR and its ITEM is %item adding value of %value to $+(',%ret,')
      var %ret %ret %value
    else {
      echo $gettok(%pattern,%i,32) is NOT a VAR
      var %ret %ret $gettok(%pattern,%i,32)
    inc %i
  return %ret
alias topicget {
  ; For the sake of Topic Parse
  echo Checking for $1 in ini for $+($network,.,$chan)
  var %ret $readini(topics.ini,$+($network,.,$chan),$1)
  if (%ret != $null) {
    return %ret
  else {
    return $1


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