Extremely simple Blacklist

By joshschooley444 on May 01, 2013

This is an extremely simple blacklist I whipped up in a few minutes. It may not be the most feature rich but it certainly works.
To get started load into remotes. Once done click over to the variables tab and create a %nicks variable. Anytime you wish to add someone you will go to this variable and append the nick to the end.

Included for convenience is the /bl.nicks command. To list the current blacklisted nicks.

Alternate method of adding nicks would be using the /bl.nicks command. Copying its return. and doing a /set %nicks

on *:join:#:{
  if ($nick isin %nicks) && ($me isop $chan) {
    mode $chan +b $address($nick,2))
    kick $chan $nick Bye[Auto-KB]
    window @JBL
    aline @JBL 4,0 $nick has attempted to join1 $chan $+ 4,0. They have been banned and kicked.

alias bl-nicks {
  echo -a %nicks


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Sorasyn   -  May 01, 2013

Having to navigate two or three menus just to add or remove a name isn't exactly motivating for those looking for a snippet like this. Unfortunately, feature rich is what attracts potential users, because it's fast, easy, and maintenance free.

At the very least it should have a utility to write the blacklisted names. As it is now, the bl-nicks only echoes a value; not return it. Which means you'd need to run the command, copy the result, add new nicks, and set them. Efficiency is key.

joshschooley444  -  May 01, 2013

I completely agree. But after a very long absence I'm only just starting to get back into mSL and any help would be appreciated. I did it the best way I know how at the time. and to be honest I was happy it even worked. any help would be appreciated.

joshschooley444  -  May 01, 2013

To clarify, I was only a basic scripter before I left and things dont get better when you allow them to wither away. so Im a little rusty. Either way I appreciate the comment. Have a wonderful day/night

Sorasyn  -  May 01, 2013

No problem, and a good day/night to you as well. If you're getting back into coding, might I suggest taking on another mainstream language, like PHP or something? :)

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