SQL: replace a string with another string

By mortl92 on Apr 24, 2013

This stored sql procedure is used to replace a special character (or string) of your field with another string.
See:http://wiki.coolorange.com/index.php?title=documentAnalyzer/5._Migration_PSP_to_Vault/Tips_&_Tricks for more details about the usage.

You can call the procedure like this:
DECLARE @return_value int, @value nvarchar(2000)
EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[cOReplaceFieldValue]
@value = @value OUTPUT,
@fieldValue = N'hallo/hallo',
@toReplace = N'/',
@replaceWith = N'
SELECT @value as N'@value'

This will output this: 'hallo_hallo'

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[cO_ReplaceFieldValue] (@value NVARCHAR(2000) OUTPUT, @fieldValue varchar(200),@toReplace varchar(200),@replaceWith varchar(200))
  SET @value = null
  select @value = ISNULL(REPLACE(@fieldValue, @toReplace, @replaceWith), '')


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Hawkee   -  Apr 24, 2013

Interesting. What practical uses does this have?

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