Which Movie To Watch

By synthtech on Apr 06, 2013

This is a short socket script that generates a random movie for you to watch.

[21:31] <@synthtech> ^watch
[21:31] <@HAL> You should watch Natural Born Killers (1994)

on *:TEXT:^watch:#: {
  if ($sock(wmtw)) sockclose wmtw
  sockopen wmtw www.whichmovietowatch.com 80
  sockmark wmtw msg #
on *:sockopen:wmtw: {
  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /light/pick.php HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt $sockname Host: $+($sock(wmtw).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:wmtw: {
  var %wmtw | sockread %wmtw
  if ($regex(%wmtw,/<h3>(.+)<\/h3>/)) {
    $sock(wmtw).mark You should watch $regml(1) 
    sockclose wmtw


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dma   -  Mar 29, 2016

me my self keeps getting the same answer

Libbard   -  Jul 01, 2013

It won't work anymore.. is there a solution to it

it use to work great.. but suddenly stop work..

Hope you can fix it :)

for the past work.. thanks.. and for you future work.. thanks in advance :)



nox`  -  Jul 01, 2013

change the line 7 :
sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /light/pick.php HTTP/1.1

Libbard  -  Jul 02, 2013

work like a charm.. Thank you very much :)

synthtech  -  Jul 07, 2013

added the fix

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MashhitDK   -  Apr 07, 2013

Thanks for this... have used it to make "My own"

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