mSLDev (mIRC scripting language IDE) latest dev build downloader

By Yawhatnever on Mar 29, 2013

I wrote this simple download script because the development build of the mSL IDE I use is updated frequently enough that manually going to the site and getting the latest dev build got annoying.

"mSLDev is a free, state-of-the-art, integrated development environment for mSL specifically designed for mSL scripters." - Quoted from for anyone who has no idea what I'm downloading.
Note: This downloads the development build! Bugs are a lot more common than in the stable release of the program.

About the script:
/msldev will check and download a newer version if available
/cancel will close the socket early

The default save directory can be edited in alias _devDir. It's saved to $mircdirmSLDev\ by default.

alias msldev {
  if (!$sock(msldev.latestbuild)) sockopen msldev.latestbuild 80
alias cancel {
  sockclose msldev.latestbuild
alias -l _devDir {
  if (!$isdir($qt($mircdirmSLDev\))) mkdir $qt($mircdirmSLDev\)
  return $qt($mircdirmSLDev\ $+ $noqt($1-))
on *:start:{
  if (!$hget(msldev)) {
    hmake msldev
   if ($isfile($_devDir(downloader.hsh))) hload msldev $_devDir(downloader.hsh)
on *:sockopen:msldev.latestbuild:{
  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /download/win/ HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -nt $sockname $crlf
  if ($isfile($_devDir( remove -b $_devDir(
on *:sockread:msldev.latestbuild:{
  if (!$sock($sockname).mark) {
    var %r
    sockread %r
    if (Last-Modified: * iswm %r) {
      if (%r == $hget(msldev,lastmod)) && ($isfile($_devDir( {
        echo -sg mSLDev not modified.
        sockclose $sockname
      else hadd -m msldev lastmod %r
    elseif (%r == $null) sockmark $sockname 1
    elseif ($regex(%r,Content-Length: (\d+))) {
      hadd msldev filesize $regml(1)
      hadd msldev downloaded 0
  else {
    ;content body
    sockread &latest
    hinc msldev downloaded $bvar(&latest,0)
    bwrite $_devDir( -1 -1 &latest
    if (!$r(0,400)) echo -sg Downloading $round($calc($hget(msldev,downloaded) / $hget(msldev,filesize) * 100),0) $+ % complete.
    if ($hget(msldev,filesize) == $hget(msldev,downloaded)) {
      ;download complete
      echo -sg Download complete.
      if ($isfile($_devDir( remove -b $_devDir(
      .rename $_devDir( $_devDir(
      hsave msldev $_devDir(downloader.hsh)
      run $_devDir


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alabama   -  Apr 21, 2013

this looks like some advertisement propaganda

Yawhatnever  -  Apr 22, 2013

I suppose it does look like that. I could change the wording a bit, but I included the description (and the quote) for the sake of anyone who has no idea what it's downloading. I wrote the script for myself after manually downloading one too many dev builds, but I cleaned it up and posted it for anyone else who might be too lazy to write their own (I can just share the link and make edits if I need to). It's also a nice clean example of a simple download script.

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